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Batgirl Villains We Want To See In The Movie

Sure Batman has some cool villains to fight every day. But these Batgirl villains are no pushover too. DC has given us some unique Batgirl villains the 2022 movie should consider.

Velvet Tiger

Velvet Tiger

Lani Gilbert is definitely one of the most powerful Batgirl Villains. Her powers make her more than a match for Barbara Gordon. Apart from being a master contortionist who can be very adept at close combat fights, she can also manipulate the time stream around her immediate vicinity. Gilbert can literally be walking for minutes but by speeding the time around her body, she can fool us all with the illusion of super speed. Gilbert is the worst of the worst. She is not above using blackmail against her own flesh and blood to get the job done. Gilbert’s a cold-blooded murderer of the highest caliber.


Agrippina DC Comics Robin

The woman just known as Agrippina is certainly not the most powerful of Batgirl Villains. But she sure is interesting. Agrippina is either demented or really, really proud of her family bloodline. Enough to make her research the history books and find out where she hails from. Agrippina claims to be the direct descendent of Claudian Roman Emperors. Actual history claims that line died with Nero of the Roman Empire. Agrippina has no special skills in fighting or strategizing but she makes for a good villain who could make a few splashes as a crime boss in the HBO Max Batgirl movie.


Ethan Cobblepot

His name is Ethan Cobblepot. That’s right. This handsome young man is the son of the infamous Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin. Ethan, unlike his father, was a good man. Using a range of startups at his disposal via his tech incubator firm – VicForm, he wanted to erase poverty and help the downtrodden. The problem was – his idea of helping was quite extreme. Ethan wanted to pulverize poverty and take down elements from the Burnside neighborhood he deemed unworthy by any means necessary. This did not sit well with Barbara, who was dating Ethan at the time. The ensuing fight left Ethan disfigured and he ran back to daddy, permanently embracing his villainous destiny and becoming Blacksun.

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James Gordon Junior

james gordon jr
James Gordon Junior

To be honest, this guy would give even the Joker the chills. That is how psychotic and twisted his mind is. The son of James Gordon and Barbara’s brother, James Gordon Junior showed signs of psychopathy from a young age. He has killed Barbara’s friends, tortured dogs and cats, and even maimed unsuspecting victims for fun even before he hit puberty. What is even more disturbing is his hatred for his sister Barbara. Because he lacks empathy, he hate Barbara for the gifts he does not possess. So much he hated her that it was later revealed it was James Gordon Junior who arranged for the Joker to meet Barbara in The Killing Joke. The Joker paralyzed her from the waist down, and sexually assaulted her in that state.



10 Most Powerful Batgirl Villains Ranked 6 Cropped.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1

The original Grotesque was a petty thief who would carry out mid level heists and almost always get away with it. He had the power to absorb and channel electrical energy. While trying to steal an expensive wine bottle, Grotesque was stopped by Batgirl. He almost ended her life before Barbara used her quick wits to take him down. After this guy was taken into custody, the Grotesque mantle fell into the hands of a police detective, who used it to kill the corrupt elite of the city because he believed they had wronged the masses. Of all the Batgirl Villains, at least we agree with the second Grotesque.




The Court of Owls do not just target Batman. They have also gone after Barbara. One of the Courts’ Talons – Mary Turner, was sent to assassinate Batgirl. Mary Turner is not like the rest of the Batgirl villains in the list. She developed a bond with Batgirl and ended up saving her life later. Mary would then become a superhero of her own named Strix. Quite an origin story!!

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