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Batman: His 10 Greatest Romantic Interests, Ranked

The most popular comic book character of all time, Batman is famous for being one of the greatest superheroes without possessing a single superpower. Equipped only with his unmatchable wits, peak physical conditioning, and immense wealth, Batman has taken down foes much more powerful than him numerous times.


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Having lost his parents to a spine-chilling murder at a very young age, Bruce Wayne took a vow to fight crime with all his might. Having traveled the world to master over a hundred different kinds of martial arts, learn dozens of languages, and equip himself with some of the most advanced technology known to mankind, it’s safe to assume that Batman doesn’t have much time for the matters of the heart. However, underneath that tough exterior lies a man capable of love.

Batman and Selina

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In the comics, Batman’s most recurring and longest-standing romantic interest is Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. Despite their longing for each other, Batman usually finds Catwoman on the wrong side of the law which ensures that the couple never settles down. But being the playboy Bruce Wayne is, he has been involved in other romantic pursuits apart from Selina Kyle. Here are the 10 greatest romantic interests of Batman, ranked.

10. Black Canary

Batman and Black Canary

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Known for being Oliver Queen/Green Arrow’s romantic interest, Black Canary has had a few sparks with the Dark Knight before. Both being top crimefighters with an affinity for tights and masks, it is more surprising why Black Canary and Batman didn’t stick together as a couple for a long time. In All-Star Batman and Robin, Batman and Black Canary consummate their relationship just moments after the Dark Knight takes down scores of goons and sets the dock on fire. Who said Batman is all work and no play?

9. Poison Ivy

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When you are the Batman, normal things don’t look exciting enough. Case in point, Batman’s relationship with Poison Ivy. Apart from Ivy being a supervillain, there are a hundred other reasons why a normal person must not date a literally toxic eco-terrorist. But in Batman’s defense, the relationship is mostly one-sided as Poison Ivy enchants the Dark Knight with her powerful pheromones. But lately, the two have also been together under normal circumstances too.

8. Batwoman

Batman and Batwoman

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There was a time when Batman was actually accused of being a pedophile. Yes, in the 1950s, Batman’s relationship with his protege Robin was considered immoral by a lot of fans. Also, the world did not accommodate homosexuality either, which put Batman at a risk. As a result, Kathy Kane aka Batwoman was introduced to re-establish that Batman was very much heterosexual and not a pedophile. Kathy Kane was introduced not to lend support to the Dark Knight in his crusade against crime, but just to marry him. Jeez.

7. Jezebel Jet

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Following Batman’s exotic taste in women, Jezebel Jet was a major love interest of the Dark Knight in Batman #656. A fierce woman and a former supermodel, Jezebel Jet is one of the few romantic interests of Bruce Wayne who knows about his alter-ego. However, Bruce’s trust did backfire when Jezebel Jet turned out to be a secret agent of the criminal organization Black Glove.

6. Rachel Dawes

Introduced as an original character in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, Rachel Dawes plays a significant role in Batman’s development throughout the films. In the movie, she is introduced as Bruce’s childhood friend. However, they both fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, Rachel leaves Bruce after learning about his secret identity. Rachel’s death in The Dark Knight emotionally and mentally wrecks Bruce Wayne, making him a recluse until Bane appears in Gotham City.

5. Vicki Vale

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Created in the image of Lois Lane, Vicki Vale was Batman’s major romantic interest in the 1950s. She is a journalist based out of Gotham, mostly working for Gotham Gazette. Vicki Vale made her appearance in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) who was played by Kim Basinger. Vicki Vale is one of the few normal and level-headed romantic interests of the Dark Knight.

4. Talia al Ghul

Batman and Talia

The daughter of the Demon himself, Talia al Ghul is one of the most dangerous romantic interests of the Caped Crusader. As the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, Talia is one of the most lethal hand-to-hand combatants with a vast network of spies and assassins across the world. Having drugged Batman to bear his child, Talia also coerced Batman into raising Damian Wayne after the completion of his training. Dangerously obsessive, Talia has been a recurring love interest of the Dark Knight.

3. Silver St. Cloud

One of the few love interests of Batman who knows the person beneath the mask, Silver St. Cloud is a socialite who accepted both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Possessing a sharp observational mind, Silver St. Cloud was able to decipher Bruce Wayne’s alter ego on her own. Sadly, the character was killed by a minor villain.

2. Wonder Woman

Batman and Diana

The princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman is widely considered by many fans to be the perfect match for the Dark Knight. As a member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman and Batman have paired up multiple times to fight supervillains. The two characters always had chemistry which was finally confirmed in Justice League Unlimited animated series. One of the few characters who can complement Batman’s mysterious persona, Wonder Woman is undoubtedly one of the greatest love interests of the Dark Knight. But sadly, Batman never really settles for normal, does he?

1. Selina Kyle

Batman and Catwoman

Diana might be a great match for Bruce, but Catwoman brings out the side of him which no one can. Though the two love birds usually find themselves at each other’s throats, Batman and Catwoman are the one true pair of DC Comics. As the Dark Knight’s longest recurring love interest, their fondness for late-night acrobatics on rooftops, tight costumes, and no-nonsense attitude makes Catwoman the perfect choice for Batman. As long as the cat burglar operates within the vigilante’s spectrum of law, it’s all good.