Batmankoff: 7 Badass Facts About DC’s Russian Batman

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An Elseworlds Batman from the Red Sun universe of Earth-30, Batmankoff is a more badass version of the Dark Knight. Here are a few Batmankoff facts you never knew.


His Parents Were Killed By Communists, Not Joe Chill

A Different Origin Story

Bruce Wayne’s experience of losing his parents in front of him is what drove him to don the cape and cowl. In the Red Son universe, Bruce loses his parents like the usual Batman origin story. But the story plays out a tad bit differently. A young Bruce Wayne watches his progressive minded parents being slaughtered by operatives of the Russian Communist Party. This drives Bruce to become Batmankoff. In the original story, Bruce’s parents are are killed by Joe Chill.

He Is A Terrorist

Plague Of The Soviet Union

Since Batmankoff is but one man against an entire nation of communism, he has to resort to guerilla tactics to send the message home. His ultra-violent tactics make the Russian government label him as a terrorist. His actions earn him the nickname – The Soviet Union’s Plague. Batmankoff becomes a figure of dissidence and resistance against the tyranny of a communist Superman led USSR. His actions inspire millions across the globe to speak up against Mother Russia.


The Most Iconic Entry Scene Ever

Fear Him, Red Son!!!

Remember – this version of Bruce Wayne is Russian. So badassery runs in his blood. Mother Russia only raises mighty bears. And Batmankoff is a freaking legend!! He had the most iconic entry in the Red Son comic book series. Batmankoff picks the perfect day to teach Superman who’s boss. During “Superman Day” – a day the Soviet Union has declared a national holiday for celebrating Superman, Batmankoff rearranges the fireworks so that it bursts to make a huge bat insignia instead of Superman’s symbol in the sky.

Batmankoff vs. Superman Was The Most Epic Fight In DC History

A Rash?

Batmankoff had more than enough aces up his sleeve. He knew that Superman is a foe he would have a hard time defeating. So Batmankoff came prepared. When Superman saw the Bat insignia and came to Bruce Wayne, the latter activated a group of solar lamps.

Superman Bites The Dust

Superman said,” Let it burn for a thousand or so years and I May get a heat rash.” By the time Superman realized that the solar lamps were a gift from Lex Luthor, it was already too late. The lamps simulated red sun radiation and weakened Superman.


Wonder Woman Took Batmankoff Down, Not Superman

Wonder Woman – Red Son

Batmankoff even trapped Wonder Woman in her own lasso so that she will not be able to intervene. His plan was to let Superman rot in a prison that kept showering red sun radiation, keeping him weak and broken. Had Wonder Woman not broken free from her lasso and switched of the lights, Batmankoff would have won.

He Chose Suicide Over A Life Of Servitude In The Soviet Union

Better To Die On His Feet Than To Live On His Knees

After Batmankoff’s plan ultimately failed, Superman broke free from his trap and decided he would punish Bruce in the harshest way possible. Superman intended to lobotomize Bruce and turn him into a mindless worker drone for the USSR. Batmankoff knew the repercussions if his plans failed. So he, in true Batman fashion, had come prepared. He set off a bomb in his small intestine that took out the entire building. Batmankoff died so that Superman would never have the pleasure of actually besting him.

The Heroic Sacrifice Of Batmankoff Turns Him Into A Martyr, Inspires Millions


Batmankoff killing himself turned out to be the final phase of his plan. He knew he would never win against a Godlike being like Superman. So by almost beating him to an inch of his life, he showed that Superman’s not invincible. By not letting Superman take him alive, Batmankoff showed the people death against the face of tyranny is indeed a luxury. His actions inspires billions of people and leads to a national level rebellion that threatens to topple the communist regime in Russia.


In the end, Batmankoff won. Becasue Batman always, ALWAYS wins (even when he loses).


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