“Bethesda remains one of the key pillars of Xbox”: After Gutting Their Recent Acquisition, Microsoft Insist They’re Still Fully Behind the Fallout and Starfield Dev

Bethesda could be the next big studio for Microsoft.

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  • Microsoft closed down 4 studios which could hurt the gaming industry in a big way.
  • Bethesda could be the cash cow that Microsoft needs right now to make the acquisition money back.
  • Microsoft clears funding for studios like Bethesda to create new IPs, expand existing ones, and more.
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It has been a rather difficult week for Xbox as there have been recent closures of four different studios that were recently acquired during the acquisition of Bethesda. Sadly, after these closures, gamers are now concerned that more studios might close and different IPs will sadly be lost to the wind.


Fortunately, due to a recent email sent by Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Game Studios, we now know that these closures weren’t in vain, as they will hopefully be used to increase the number of teams working on already progressing IPs like Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

Xbox Will Be Focusing on Its More Popular Franchises After Its Recent Studio Closures

Xbox makes a rough decision as it closes down 4 different studios.
Xbox makes a rough decision as it closes down 4 different studios.

After the recent closures, gamers have been worried that popular franchises that are being worked on within Bethesda’s walls will sadly also get the axe, as there’s the potential for these major studios to also get closed down. Luckily, this isn’t the case, according to Matt Booty.


Even though the company still has a few minor studios working underneath it, like id Software, Machine Games, Arkane Lyon, and more, there is still a major focus on its biggest studio, which is Bethesda, as it already has a lot of popular franchises that can easily be expanded and improved.

According to Matt Booty, the popular studio is one of its key pillars for the console, as it has a large library of games and communities already, along with upcoming projects like Shattered Space DLC, Skyline Valley, and many more.

Now, with the closure of these other studios, more resources can be put into these different projects to help improve them and ensure that they can finally meet the expectations of the gaming community and can hopefully survive even longer than intended.


Developer’s Current Library Isn’t the Only Thing on Microsoft’s Mind

The company has said that it will focus more on its key developers.
The company has said that it will focus more on its key developers.

Even though Bethesda is a major company that a large majority of the gaming community knows of, there is always the opportunity for the developer to expand its repertoire and create some brand-new IPs that can take the world by storm.

Now that the four different studios are closed down, it has opened up its funding opportunities to provide the different studios that are already under its wing with an even bigger budget so that they can expand into different IPs, new concepts, and even expand on the existing franchises.

This means that on top of an improved selection of games, we could finally be getting a whole new set of franchises that could completely change how we see them as a studio, while also getting more of the same that we know and love as these franchises grow.


What do you think about Bethesda becoming the golden goose at Microsoft? Are you worried that this could put a lot of pressure on a studio with an already massive workload? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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