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“Big Oil MISLED the Public”: Marvel Star Mark Ruffalo Declares War on Oil Corporations for Deceiving the World on Global Warming

"Big Oil MISLED the Public": Marvel Star Mark Ruffalo Declares War on Oil Corporations for Deceiving the World on Global Warming

Mark Ruffalo has been doing some commendable work as an environmental activist. The Hollywood star, who is popularly known for portraying the Hulk in the MCU, has been spreading awareness about climate change and clean energy. The renewable energy advocate has once again raised his voice against fossil fuels companies by sharing a campaign on Twitter. Ruffalo has shared the campaign on his Twitter and pointed out how big oil corporations are sidelining the issues even after being aware of its consequences.

Mark Ruffalo - The Solutions Project
Mark Ruffalo

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Mark Ruffalo Calls Out Big Oil Corporations

Mark Ruffalo has once again called out big oil corporations as he shared a campaign from a non-profit organization, Avaaz. he shared its highlights in his tweet, pointing out how the companies are fully aware of the consequences of their actions and they still try to avoid the conversation.

The campaign urges “fossil fuel CEOs” to stop working on any new “oil, gas, or coal extraction sites” and to stop blocking the clean energy transition the environment and people need. It also highlights how the big oil corporations have been misleading people and authorities about climate change and its consequences.

The campaign to stop new fossil fuel project is led by Greta Thunberg from Sweden, Helena Gualinga from Ecuador, Vanessa Nakate from Uganda, and Luisa Neubauer from Germany.

Mark Ruffalo speaks out against fossil fuel companies
Mark Ruffalo speaks out against fossil fuel companies

Mark Ruffalo has been against the use of fossil fuels and has shared multiple times how it can lead to the state of energy crisis. The Avengers star’s long-time battle with fossil fuels companies started after he shared the concern that some of these companies are targeting his family property in Callicoon, New York.

After doing his own investigation, he found out about the negative effect of fracking, which affected drinking water, the ecosystem, and human and animal health. The Now You See Me star then joined the Anti-Fracking Movement and urged on using solar and wind energy instead of fossil fuels, which are harmful to the environment and the living beings of the planet.

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Mark Ruffalo Urged His Avengers Co-Star to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Mark Ruffalo has been urging people to invest in renewable energy. The Dark Waters star has even urged his co-star to do the same. He shared the thought during joining Al Gore’s fourth annual 24 Hours of Climate Reality program.

Ruffalo shared that he is in the process of “divesting” as he took the pledge. Mark Ruffalo also shared that he is planning to divest “any fossil fuels or anything climate change related and put it into renewable or clean tech.”

Mark Ruffalo with Avengers cast
Mark Ruffalo with Avengers cast

He also claimed that he would ask his friends and co-stars to do the same. The Adam Project star said, “I’m going to ask Leo[nardo DiCaprio], I’m going to ask all The Avengers, I’m going to ask Robert, I’m going to do the ‘put your money where your mouth is’ challenge.” He has been working to promote clean energy under The Solutions Project and has been doing it since he co-founded the organization in 2011.

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