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“Global gas & electricity prices remain sky high”: Hulk Star Mark Ruffalo Declares War on Energy Cartels Threatening a ‘Greener Future’

Hulk Star Mark Ruffalo Declares War on Energy Cartels Threatening a 'Greener Future'

Mark Ruffalo, popularly known for being the Hulk in MCU, is also an environmental activist. Like his MCU character, Ruffalo also donates his time and wealth to protect Earth from the energy crisis. He co-founded The Solutions Project along with Marco Krapels, and Mark Jacobson in 2013. The organization believes that clean energy promotes social welfare and racial equality. The Dark Waters star does not hesitate to speak to power for climate justice.

Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo

The Now You See Me star has often shared his thoughts on climate change and the energy crisis, and he once again expressed his concern in his recent tweet. The Hulk actor recently shared a report questioning how the world would get back on track for a greener future.

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Mark Ruffalo Speaks Out For Climate Justice

Mark Ruffalo has been a dedicated environmentalist. And when it comes to climate justice, he does not hesitate to take a stand. The Spotlight star has been raising concerns regarding the use of fossil fuels and how it can lead to the state of energy crisis. He once again raised the issue as he shared a report from the British weekly scientific journal, Nature.

Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo

The Adam Project star shared a few words from the report on Twitter saying, “Global gas & electricity prices remain sky high & energy cartels & fossil-fuel-rich states are back in the driving seat.” He further added, “The energy crisis will have profound consequences for where the world is heading & how it can get on track to a greener future.”

The report shares how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused an energy crisis for “low- and middle-income nations.” It also raises questions about what solutions researchers have for the factors stalling the green-energy transition. Along with raising the issue, the report also suggests ways to overcome these issues in 2023.

Mark Ruffalo has been actively working for Climate Justice under The Solutions Project and hopes to work for a brighter, cleaner, and hopeful future for everyone.

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Mark Ruffalo’s Climate Change Activism

Mark Ruffalo describes the foundation of The Solutions Project as “encouraging equitable solutions to clean energy needs.” He claims that The Solutions Project focuses on providing claimed solution measures to the unprivileged communities, which are mostly affected by climate disasters. It also prefers working with companies that are powered by solar energy.

During his interview with TIME, Ruffalo said, “The more we center on those who’ve been living with this [climate injustice] and already developing the solutions, I think the quicker we’ll move along.”

Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo
Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo

The Solutions Project has successfully delivered clean energy to 200 cities and towns across eight US states, and 360 companies in the US and worldwide. Mark Ruffalo’s organization also counts President Joe Biden as a supporter as he signed on to climate justice within the first week of his presidency.

The President’s aim is to eliminate carbon emissions from the electric sector and gain 100% renewable energy by 2035. It dedicates 40% of clean energy benefits to the frontline communities.

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