Bill Skarsgård’s ‘The Crow’ Reboot Shifts Away From Brandon Lee Film in 1 Major Way That Could Make or Break the Movie

Bill Skarsgård’s 2024 film The Crow is expected to include one significant change to the character of the antagonist.

Bill Skarsgård’s ‘The Crow’ Reboot Shifts Away From Brandon Lee Film in 1 Major Way That Could Make or Break the Movie


  • The Crow reboot starring Bill Skarsgård is set to release on June 7th, 2024.
  • The film’s producers made this surprise announcement after Ballerina was pushed to a 2025 release.
  • Insider Jeff Sneider revealed that the villain in the film was expected to have supernatural abilities.
  • According to him, this was a big risk that could make or break the film.
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While Deadpool 3 is already the most anticipated film to hit Hollywood this summer, Ana De Armas’ John Wick spin-off film Ballerina which was set to precede the Marvel movie, has now been postponed to 2025. Sliding into its space is Bill Skarsgård’s The Crow which will be a reboot of the 1994 Brandon Lee film.

The Crow
Brandon Lee in The Crow

With the announcement about the supernatural action thriller’s release coming out of the blue, insider Jeff Sneider also revealed that there could be a major twist to a key character in the film. The blogger though, believed that this creative liberty could either work wonders for the movie or fall flat.

Bill Skarsgård’s The Crow Reboot Has One Significant Change

The Crow based on the graphic novel of the same name by David O’Barr, got its cinematic adaptation in 1994 starring Brandon Lee in what turned out to be the actor’s final film before his tragic death. This supernatural action thriller follows a musician who is brought back from the dead to take revenge on the killers who who murdered him and his fiancée.


Three decades later, the film will finally get a reboot starring Bill Skarsgård as the central protagonist in a script written by Oscar nominee Zach Baylin and directed by Rupert Sanders. The announcement that the film will release on June 7th took everyone by surprise as there had been no prior information of any sort leading up to this summer release.

Bill Skarsgard
Bill Skarsgård will star in The Crow reboot

Insider Jeff Sneider who is a self-confessed fan of the Brandon Lee original, was equally taken aback by the release information. In the Hot Mic Podcast, Sneider also revealed a potential change in the character arc of the villain played by Danny Huston that was significant departure from the 1994 film. The blogger felt that this could be a defining factor in the film’s success or failure.

“There is a supernatural element. I’m told that the villain has supernatural abilities. That has me nervous. I think Bill Skarsgård could make a good Crow, so Im trying to remain optimistic about it.”

With The Crow having taken Ballerina’s summer slot, Sneider also questioned the timing of the release. He felt that the film may have bitten off more than it can chew by opting for such a quick premier without any pre-release formalities like a teaser or a trailer to hint at what is to come.


Lionsgate Films Will Honor The Legacy Of The Crow With The 2024 Reboot

The Crow reboot starring Bill Skarsgård as the titular protagonist made famous by Brandon Lee, will release on June 7th, 2024. Distributed by Lionsgate Films, the movie also features the ensemble cast of Laura Birn, Sami Bouajila, and Jordan Bolger.

The Crow
Lionsgate Films will distribute The Crow in theaters

While the surprise announcement of its release this summer has baffled many people, Lionsgate Films believed that the reboot will do everything to honor the legacy of the 1994 original. In a statement that appeared in Deadline, the company’s EVP Acquisitions and Co-Productions Charlotte Koh said,

“We appreciate what the Crow character and original movie mean to legions of fans and believe this new film will offer audiences an authentic and visceral reinterpretation of its emotional power and mythology.”

Koh also went on to add that Lionsgate Films had full faith in director Rupert Sanders and his unique vision for The Crow while keeping the ethos of the film intact.


The Crow releases in theaters on June 7th, 2024.


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