What are Sabbac’s Powers? Black Adam Trailer Reveals New Demonic Villain

What are Sabbac's Powers
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The release of Black Adam‘s second trailer has excited the fans of the franchise beyond comprehension. The Dwayne Johnson-starrer is not only introducing us to the complex, enigmatic world of the titular antihero but also promises a fruitful premise featuring other notable comic book characters, including the esteemed superhero ensemble, Justice Society of America. However, the latest glimpse of the endeavor has revealed to us an intriguing addition, in the form of Sabbac — a demonic villain.

Hawkman and Sabbac in Black Adam Trailer
Hawkman and Sabbac in Black Adam (2022)

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Previously, only reports and speculations led many to believe that the diabolical antagonist could be a potential inclusion in the captivating, fascinating, and much-anticipated DCEU film. Rumors pointed to how actor Marwan Kenzari would portray Sabbac, a comic-book character who is intricately connected with the Shazam Family (or the Marvel Family).


Now, with the second trailer for the movie officially out, fans were swift to spot the villain, who was seen engaging in battle with Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, the winged warrior belonging to the Justice Society of America.

Black Adam: Who Is Sabbac?

Who Is Sabbac - Black Adam Villain

The Marwan Kenzari-portrayed demonic entity has seen several iterations in the realm of Fawcett and DC comics. First making his appearance in 1943, on the 4th issue of Captain Marvel, Jr. comic book, the fans of the franchise were introduced to the original Sabbac – Timothy Karnes. Further reiterations featured Ishmael Gregor, serving as the new, more ferocious version of the devilish being.

This variant of the fictional entity was first seen in issues #8-10 of Outsiders Vol. 3. 

The central adversary to Black Adam
The central adversary to Black Adam

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In Black Adam, Kenzari is set to depict the latter form of Sabbac. The Aladdin actor will be seen as a New York-based Russian crime lord, possessed by the evil, archaic demon. The monstrous, malevolent horned being is being treated as the central villain to the Dwayne Johnson-led premise. It will soon be seen what newer narrative elements would be brought to the table with this addition.

What Powers Does Sabbac Have?

Ishmael Gregor iteration of Sabbac
Ishmael Gregor’s iteration of Sabbac

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Those familiar with the sinister villain would know the atrocious extent of Sabbac’s powers. When the original Sabbac was first shown to the world, he was introduced as the stark, evil, and catastrophic opposite of the Marvel (Shazam!) Family. Unlike the Marvels who derived their powers and magical abilities from Gods and different mythological figures, Sabbac was mostly reliant upon the evil forces of Hell.

Sabbac is an acronym, constituting the demonic entities that fuel the stupendous potency of the classic villain. It includes: Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Crateis. To enable his calamitous powers, all the villain would be required to say is “Sabbac.” In an almost Shazam-esque fashion, a lightning bolt would strike from the pits of Hell and bless the sinister character.

Marwan Kenzari will play Sabbac in Black Adam
Marwan Kenzari will play Sabbac in Black Adam

Traditionally a villain to DC’s Captain Marvel, otherwise known as Shazam, Sabbac possesses exceptional resilience, stamina, and mobility when it comes to his abilities. He has also been blessed with superhuman flying abilities. His hands and mouth can shoot fire. In the Ishmael Gregor iteration, his demonic abilities were magnified tenfold and his beast-like features were further accentuated. 


Since the world will be rewarded with the Ishmael Gregor variant of Sabbac in the film, fans can actively look forward to a stronger, exceptional villain who is looking to cause immense destruction and havoc. A formidable contender, we are yet to see the role of the demonic entity in Black Adam. 

Black Adam trailer promises a radically high-octane DCEU film
Black Adam (2022)

Whatever it is that Sabbac can put forward to the overarching narrative, the fans have just a few more weeks left to officially witness it. Black Adam, featuring Dwayne Johnson in the titular role, will release on 21 October 2022.

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