“To any COD devs out there…”: Ahead of Black Ops Gulf War’s Official Reveal, Call of Duty Devs are Being Asked to Keep 1 Thing in Mind, and No-one Will be Disagreeing 

Plenty of issues to fix but these two have to be of top priority.

Call of Duty Gulf War


  • Call of Duty is a franchise that is still going strong despite many complaints from users.
  • The recent Call of Duty games have become too bulky in file size and the Call of Duty HQ has done more harm than good.
  • While there are also other areas of the franchise that need work, these two are prime.
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Call of Duty is a title that has a sizeable portion of the market share when it comes to multiplayer FPS titles. Despite that, gamers who have been fans of the title for a long time unanimously agree that the franchise has fallen off.


The upcoming entry in the franchise, referred to as Black Ops Gulf War, is rumored to be in development by Treyarch, the fan-favorite developer who has developed some of the most critically acclaimed games in the franchise. However, the reported title should address one valid fan concern.

Fans Request Call of Duty Developers to Keep Gulf War Less Bulky in File Size

Call of Duty Gulf War needs to be a lot less bulky than Modern Warfare 3.
Call of Duty Gulf War needs to be much less bulky than Modern Warfare 3.

Anyone who has played recent Call of Duty titles would nod when the worrying increase in the file size of titles in the franchise is discussed among gamers. While storage is now cheaper than it used to be for most platforms, at least in some regions, it is still a pain to download, update, and make space for titles that exceed even 200 gigabytes.


This was the case with the series’ latest title, Modern Warfare 3. The worst part seemed to be that the game appeared to be using reused textures and assets. This fueled the speculation that the game was supposed to be an expansion to 2022’s Modern Warfare 2. Moreover, the campaign was minuscule and felt like a placeholder without due care and effort.

Even 125 gigabytes, which was the size of the 2022 title, seems reasonable compared to the 2023 title. Addressing the concern, which was probably haunting the minds of many players who are avid fans of the franchise, a Reddit user said that devs should try to control the storage requirements.

Another concern the Reddit User highlighted in the post embedded above was how the infamous Call of Duty HQ is a launcher that is inefficient, bloated, and requires players to download unnecessary files. While there are other issues that the developers should address, these two should be addressed first before the rumored Gulf War launches.


Other Concerns that Call of Duty Gulf War Should Undoubtedly Address

Plenty of issues need to be fixed before the next Call of Duty release.
Plenty of issues must be fixed before the next Call of Duty release.

So many issues are plaguing the current installment of the world’s most popular FPS Shooter franchise, from players complaining of the flawed Skill-based Matchmaking Algorithm to players complaining about the number of cheaters present in the game’s lobbies, even at the highest levels. Plenty of skeletons in Activision’s closet must be incinerated before the release of the upcoming title.

Players also have issues with the game’s Zombies mode, which is not receiving the influx of new content like other game modes. These are much more profitable to the publishers due to the microtransactions.

Last but not least, the campaign offering of the latest title, Modern Warfare 3, was lackluster, and Gulf War needs to do it right. Otherwise, the Black Ops subseries will be the next one in the franchise to die a painful death.


Which issues should the game address to maximize consumer satisfaction and ensure incredible reception? We would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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