“Getting Bloodborne vibes from this mf!”: Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree’s First Unique Enemy Revealed, and Hidetaka Miyazaki has Clearly Been Inspired by his Past

Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki took a page out of Bloodborne for new enemy types in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

elden ring's shadow of the erdtree


  • Shadow of the Erdtree will feature a new enemy type that seems to be taken from Bloodborne.
  • Director Hidetaka Miyazaki is excited for players to dive in the new Elden Ring expansion.
  • Bloodborne fans will be pleased to see how FromSoftware is honoring the beloved Soulslike title.
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Elden Ring is the pinnacle of Soulslike games and FromSoftware is giving it the expansion it deserves through Shadow of the Erdtree. Director Hidetaka Miyazaki is excited about fleshing out the lore and the DLC will feature new enemies that seem to be inspired by Bloodborne.


The genre was single-handedly pioneered by the developers and it would only make sense if they reflect on previous works and integrate them in their latest project. While a remaster or sequel may be unlikely, fans will be delighted to see the game be honored by this reveal.

Elden Ring DLC Will Feature a Bloodborne Inspired Enemy

Shadow of the Erdtree will be the only expansion for Elden Ring.
Shadow of the Erdtree will be the only expansion for Elden Ring.

Miyazaki once said that there would only be one expansion for his latest video game and good reason. The director wanted the gaming community to have a seamless experience by jumping from the base game to the expansion. The developers will not hold back and throw the entire kitchen sink of new content for this next chapter.


The official page of the game recently shared this image of a brand new enemy type and players were quick to point out that it is giving them a similar vibe and atmosphere years ago. Miyazaki and the team behind the expansion are wise to take inspiration from older projects to honor what came before and also give the fans something to talk about before the release.


While the demand is high, Sony and PlayStation gave no concrete answer as to why they are refusing to give the beloved Soulslike game a simple remaster or performance boost on current generation hardware. The publisher opted to use the franchise as a source of inspiration for new merchandise.

It is unknown if the design of the character was intended to bear a striking resemblance to a fellow FromSoftware title, but it is a treat to see the developers remember it from time to time. Miyazaki spoke about how the misleading easter eggs and references found by players in Déraciné were a hint about a sequel, unfortunately, these were all just the developers’ way of honoring the game.

Bloodborne Lives on in the Elden Ring Expansion

Bloodborne is still relevant to this day despite the game's age and Elden Ring's dominance of the Soulslike genre.
Bloodborne is still relevant to this day despite the game’s age and Elden Ring‘s dominance of the Soulslike genre.

The high demand for a remaster is a testament to the game’s lasting impact on the gaming community, yet Sony refuses to give it the same treatment that most first-party titles are receiving.


evertheless, Miyazaki and the design team managed to use nostalgia to the advantage of the upcoming expansion.

Fans will be pleased to know that this expansion is the largest one ever made by the developers and that the content will most likely be on par with the base game. Perhaps there are more references and easter eggs scattered around the new area that players will be able to explore.

Miyazaki holds all of his previous projects close to his chest and with high regard. Bloodborne may not be getting a remaster or sequel, but the memory lives on through future projects Are you excited for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree? Let us know in the comments section below!




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