PlayStation Announce New Bloodborne Project But It’s Not the News Hidetaka Miyazaki Fans Will Want

PlayStation is busy making Bloodborne merchandise than remastering or remaking the beloved Soulslike game.



  • PlayStation will release new Bloodborne merchandise but has nothing to say about a remaster or a sequel.
  • The gaming community has been begging Sony for new Bloodborne content and gave them something else instead.
  • Director Hidetaka Miyazaki loves Bloodborne but says PlayStation is in control of the franchise.
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Bloodborne was a favorite amongst the fans of the Soulslike genre and the community is disappointed that PlayStation is giving them merchandise rather than a highly-requested remaster. It was a surprise for sure but not the good kind that will get the fans’ blood pumping.


The game launched exclusively on last-generation hardware and is in dire need of an upgrade. Many of the games that were released along with it received a major makeover through remasters or remakes but it seems like Sony is trolling the community and not in the fun way.

PlayStation Is Making Bloodborne Merchandise, Not a Remaster or a Sequel

Bloodborne fans are always losing and PlayStation could not care less.
Bloodborne fans are always losing and PlayStation could not care less.

Sony is more interested in selling merchandise inspired by the franchise than giving the gaming community something that could have benefitted them even more, a simple remaster or an upgraded version for current-generation machines or a PC port. The release of the game was nearly a decade ago yet it is still popular and relevant to this day which is a testament to its impact.


FromSoftware CEO and game director Hidetaka Miyazaki is proud of the success of the Soulslike game but is not interested in returning to it for a second round. Despite the hints and teases from another project that both Sony and FromSoftware have collaborated on.


The general sentiment isn’t a well-received one, with fans focusing more on what they could have had, instead of what they do have.

‘Merely settling’ for a performance mode for an almost decade-old game doesn’t sound much like settling, but they’re right.


Déraciné featured several easter eggs of the beloved game but that is just about it, and it was in no way a confirmation of a sequel. Miyazaki felt bad about the easter eggs because he believed it caused Sony a massive headache when it was an answer as clear as day. The community wants more of this franchise and while the merchandise is nice, a remaster or sequel would have been the cherry on top.

It is unknown why Sony refuses to give fans the one thing they ask for which could have been easily a success given the high demand. The developers are currently working on an expansion for Elden Ring and all bets are off for what Miyazaki is cooking up next while fans can only hope, pray, and lose again as they are helplessly hoping for a remaster or sequel.


Bloodborne Is a Successful yet Underutilized PlayStation Gem

Bloodborne is a goldmine that is rotting away in the basement of PlayStation.
Bloodborne is a goldmine that is rotting away in the basement of PlayStation.

For a business that knows how to make unique gaming experiences, it can come across as a brain-dead move to deny the community the one thing they ask for. It almost seems like this batch of merchandise is an insult or a pacifier to seal the mouths of fans who are constantly asking for something they will never give.

The majority of Sony’s first-party titles all received the remaster treatment, some games have experienced it more than once which raises the question of why can’t the same treatment be given to a game that is more deserving and in need of it.

The developers have the desire to do so, unfortunately, Sony owns the IP and gets the final say. Maybe there is a secret project being developed that will blow the fans away but perhaps it is wise not to hold their breath on it.


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