Broken and Busted Hello Kitty Xbox Sells for a Ridiculous Amount, Proving Fanboys will Buy Anything These Days

Xbox fanboy bought a busted limited edition Hello Kitty design console with an absurd price tag.

Broken and Busted Hello Kitty Xbox Sells for a Ridiculous Amount, Proving Fanboys will Buy Anything These Days


  • A rare Hello Kitty Xbox was sold for $10000.
  • Only 550 units were made making it extremely scarce.
  • Despite its condition, the seller claims it is repairable.
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No amount is too large when it comes to a limited edition Hello Kitty Xbox. eBay is the best place to find some decent and rare items to haul with hard-spent money or get scammed altogether, but one lucky Xbox fan managed to secure a rare console that doesn’t even work with an absurd value.


Buying rare consoles and limited-volume games has always been a hit or miss, sometimes the buyer will be getting something that will be worth more than what they paid for and could resell it or keep it for a personal collection but often it feels like a kick in the nuts.

Hello Kitty x Xbox: A Weird But Welcome Collaboration

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty is among the highest-grossing media of all time.

The Hello Kitty-themed Xbox was sold on eBay with a ridiculous price tag of $10,000, even if it is classified as not working but still subject to repair. Some will question the logic of the pricing, but it is clear that the cosmetic design is what the buyer was paying for.


It was a strange time around 2005 when the gaming industry was finding its proper footing and needed a hand from a more popular IP, in this case, Hello Kitty. Microsoft designed the console by adding characters from Mission Rescue with a clear and transparent body with the iconic Xbox logo on the box.

The only way to acquire the rare console at the time was to buy at a specific retailer in Singapore and you would receive this as a bundle with the purchase. Those who didn’t care about it could have sold it at a cheaper price and made a big mistake compared to today and the value skyrocketed remarkably, especially with only 550 of these were made. It is a must-have for collectors who are interested in the console and franchise.


Limited Edition Consoles Are An Untapped Goldmine

Xbox, Hello Kitty
The Xbox has come a long way in designing rare consoles.

While it may seem goofy at the time, it was actually a clever move to have these obscure and rare consoles based on a very popular IP. Both Microsoft and Sanrio have benefitted from this deal and ushered in an era where these rare consoles have a market. The scarcity added value which is why the value was substantiable. In the present day, people continue to buy limited edition consoles, some are for personal use while others are kept in their boxes forever sealed and do not have a chance to see the light of day.

Collaboration is essential in any business, reaping the benefits of each deal determines the longevity and feasibility of a business. Limited edition items truly change how people appraise the value of their items, maybe one day that specific product could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, or knowing the value of something will give you something that others don’t like some badge of honor or bragging rights.

Despite being coined as fanboys, it goes to show that Microsoft has built a dedicated fanbase that will support them by purchasing any product regardless of price and condition. What are your thoughts on limited edition consoles? Comment down below!


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