Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 5 Best Songs From The Show

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a lot of iconic songs that truly stuck in our heads. They make certain episodes more memorable and more fun to watch. Aside from that, the songs they used completely fit the story which adds that extra drama and spice.


The song choices helped augment the scenes’ situations, and they also served as ice breakers during tense circumstances. Whether it’s Jake Peralta belting songs during unfavorable moments or Captain Holt dancing for the first time, there’s a perfect song for each scene! While there were a lot of famous songs utilized in the show, the following were the most memorable ones:

Opening Theme

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast


Here is the truth no one speaks about: no one skips the intro song. You know it is a Brooklyn Nine-Nine trademark song, and it is a mortal sin not to listen to it. The beat is so lively that it can cheer someone up. It also carries the entire tone of the show which is why it is so important.

The classic New York beat to it pays tribute to the show’s setting. Like other sitcoms, Brooklyn Nine-Nine opening theme song is one of the most recognizable and easy to familiarize tunes.

Un-Break My Heart


Jake’s old colleague, Stevie Shillings, comes back and reunites with him for a case. As expected, Charles was not happy with this. Shillings was then exposed as a dirty cop, but his crime is not as severe as slating Toni Braxton. Jake and Charles loved the singer so much.

They all sang Braxton’s “Un-break My Heart” as they drove to prison. The scene ended up quite amusing despite Shillings’ arrest for planting evidence.

Push It

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2


This is one of the most unexpected scenes in the series. In its final episode of the seventh season, in the midst of a New York city-wide power interruption, fans witnessed Captain Holt and Terry Jeffords dancing to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It”.

Amy Santiago is in the middle of giving birth at the precinct, and it was unfortunate that things aren’t as comfortable as she hoped to be. But, Amy had her friends comfort and “distract” her before she gives birth.

The Final Countdown

Amy Santiago B99


Nothing screams “time’s running out” than the song “The Final Countdown” by Europe. Captain Holt’s interview for the NYPD Commissioner position is coming up, and the squad had only limited time before they make it to the office.

Amy puts her organizational skills to good use by calculating the events with the song playing in the background. It was truly a dramatic yet hilarious scene!

I Want It That Way

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1


Perhaps this is the most famous song popularized by a scene in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Jake was interviewing the victim’s sister and related that she heard the suspect singing Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”. Jake had to put the suspects under scrutiny by letting them sing one by one.

As they reach the chorus, Jake could not help but jam along, too. They all ended up singing in chorus and Jake got “literal chills”.


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