Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 7 Behind-The-Scene Facts You Didn’t Know

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Comedy series such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine has so many interesting behind-the-scenes facts that most fans are unaware of. While the series is written with an exceptional script and a talented cast, the show also brings a lot of true-to-life stories.


NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine has come a long way, and it has been praised for breaking barriers and stereotypes. They have a diverse cast, and all the episodes tackle real-life situations in a wholesome way. Without further ado, here are some noteworthy trivia about the cast and the show in general.

The Cast Attended Firearms Training

Jake Peralta Amy Santiago Firearm Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Just like any other shows that mimic professional jobs, the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine went under firearms training to perfectly simulate their respective roles. The training helped them get a better understanding of how to handle a gun. Of course, it is all about safety first.

Chelsea Peretti And Andy Samberg Grew Up Together

Gina Linetti Jake Peralta Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The entertainment industry is a huge world, and it is no surprise a lot of actors grow up working with each other. It is really nice to know that Andy (Jake Peralta) and Chelsea (Gina Linetti) are once again united in this show.


Jake’s Obsession With Die Hard Is Real

Jake Die Hard

Jake is a huge Die Hard fan, and it is no coincidence that the actor who plays the role is also an avid fan. Andy finally gets to rave about his all-time favorite movie in a show where his character also fanboys about the same film!

Stephanie Beatriz Auditioned For The Role Of Amy

Rosa Diaz Brooklyn Nine-Nine


It would be a totally different world if Stephanie Beatriz, who played Rosa Diaz, was Amy Santiago. She originally applied for Amy’s role, but fate took a different turn and landed her the role of the tough and badass Rosa. We can say she really nailed the job, and the redirection was a blessing in disguise!

Amy And Jake Had Bad Breath During Their First Kiss

It can be awkward sometimes when actors, who are good friends, have to kiss on set. To make it less weird, Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero ate a lot of food to get that nasty breath. They did so to find out who has the stinkiest breath during their first kiss.


Gina’s Role Was Made For Chelsea Peretti

Gina Linetti

No one could play the role of Gina Linetti other than Chelsea Peretti. She claims to be the human form of the 100 emoji. She has a fan base which she calls the G-Hive. On top of that, she is extremely enamoured with her own beauty, talent, and wit. The role was perfectly carved for her.

Terry Crew’s Scene Being Racially Profiled Was Based On Experience

Terry Crews Racial Profiling


One of the great things about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is that it also became a platform for awareness about social issues such as racism. In one of the episodes, Terry Jeffords has become a victim of racial profiling. This is something the actor has also experienced in real life. Using creative direction to tackle social issues like discrimination is a brilliant idea.


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