Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 5 Funniest Side Characters

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a lot of amusing plots and interesting characters that make the entire sitcom a bliss to watch. The hilarious cast is a mix of strange yet clever characters, all of which deliver the best performance of making the audience laugh.


We know the amazing bunch of main characters, such as the quirky Jake Peralta, the deadpan Captain Raymond Holt, and the badass Rosa Diaz. But, we also have the side characters who are as equally as comical and sometimes mischievous. They add that extra spice to Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s storyline!

Captain Jason Stentley

Captain Stentley Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Captain Stentley took the role of captain at the 99th precinct in Captain Holt’s absence. Unlike Holt, Stentley is very friendly, eccentric, and expressive. He is aware of his lack of qualifications, and he even told the team how he got the job. He also prefers to be called “CJ”.

He also went out of his way to give the squad everything they wish for – Gina was given an assistant, Terry a yogurt fridge, and Charles a treadmill desk. Realizing that they are taking advantage of CJ’s generosity, they told him to start learning how to say no.

Kevin Cozner

Kevin Cozner Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Kevin Cozner is a professor at Columbia University and a scholar who guarantees his lines are as clever and witty as possible. He is Captain Holt’s husband, and he usually says things that perfectly match his partner’s intellect. They get along so well, and they share a love for knowledge.

Holt and Cozner like playing with words, and they could get competitive at times. The fact that they always try to be serious in every situation makes it more comical.

Adrian Pimento

Adrian Pimento Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Pimento is one of the minor characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine that has made several appearances. His personality just exudes main character energy with his bizarre choices and preferences. The twists on his plot always end up him being in trouble and later saved by the bell.

His relationship with Rosa Diaz is both strange and hilarious at the same time. They both like adventure and danger. He even suggested that Jake and Rosa beat him to death for an undercover mission.

Madeline Wuntch

Madeline Wuntch Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Wuntch is a fan-favorite character despite being Captain Holt’s nemesis. Their interactions are always full of clever comebacks and biting insults. They constantly try to outsmart and outdo each other, resulting in a clash. She is absolutely the worthiest of all opponents.

They both go out of their ways to take advantage of each other, and that’s what makes it funny. No one is really winning or losing.

Doug Judy

Doug Judy


Doug Judy has appeared in a lot of episodes in the show and is one of the fan favorites because of his funny tricks. He is Jake’s biggest adversary who he also considers a friend. Doug Judy always seems to get Jake’s trust which ends up him fooling the detective yet again.

His appearance in the show every season always brings fun-filled moments, especially his scenes with Jake. His charm and quick-witted thinking always do the trick.


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