Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Latest Map Draws Criticisms to Horrendous, Back-Stabbing Spawns

The latest map, Meat, in Modern Warfare 3 has frustrated fans as players spawning right where they die is hurting both sets of players.


  • Meat was released along with two other 6v6 maps and is popular for being a closed-quarters-combat map.
  • The map's small size has frustrated fans as players are spawning right where they die which is hurting both sets of players.
  • Players either get taken out by camped out enemies shooting the spawn points directly, or get killed themselves right after spawning behind their enemies.
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s newest map, Meat, has been drawing criticism from gamers for a horrible problem. Meat was made available in Modern Warfare 3‘s 6v6 matches on the 6th of December, along with another map named Greece. There’s another 6v6 map coming later this season named Rio.


Meat is a mini-map designed for intense matches and has already become quite popular. The one horrible problem with the map, however, its spawn logic. Players are calling the spawn system in the map broken, but it remains quite popular among the recently released maps.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Players Hate This Map

The recently released map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has a poorly designed spawn system.
The recently released map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has a poorly designed spawn system.

Meat was released just last week and while the mini-map has become a fan-favorite rather quickly, the map’s spawn system allows players to spawn not two minutes after they’re taken out at the same spot. This is especially infuriating to players as it’s not a bug or a glitch, but the map is made to have limited spawn points.


When players silently spawn at the same place right after having been killed, players who don’t notice will most probably get stabbed in the back by the one they killed not two minutes back. This is worse the other way around too, as players wait around once they kill another player to see them spawn again at the same time to kill them before they can be ready. This spoils players’ K/D ratio as well, which makes for another reason players hate the spawn system.

A Reddit post where players have been discussing the issue has seen several voices being raised about this same issue. One of them commented, “Happened to me a few matches ago. Our entire team spawned in the sights of the enemies… Twice. We were like 20 points up in TDM, we lost“.

Players continue to show some love to the map though, like this comment on the Reddit post says,


More small maps equals more quick paste fun and quicker conversion. However, the quicker movement is getting people to legitimately spawn the moment you walk 10 steps. The spawning is worse than shipment.

Others have mentioned this is an issue with several maps, as players have gone ahead and even named it “revenge spawns“.

Players Share Frustration with Call of Duty on X

Players are sharing clips of taking down players and then immediately getting killed by the same players.
Players are sharing clips of taking down players and then immediately getting killed by the same players.

Over on X, the official Updates account posted a couple of days back about an ongoing investigation into the PC version of the game crashing far too often, post which an update was released earlier today. To this, players replied to voice their frustration about the spawn issue.

One of those replies by a fan mentions how it’s a good map but is spoiled by players spawning right behind others.


This fan shared a quick gameplay video of downing an enemy only to get shot down. Another clip showed a player get an impressive kill streak by blind firing at a spawn point directly, by standing just a few feet away. While it was impressive, it was also called a major flaw in the spawn system.

Apart from this, players have also recently called to take out the Riot Shields from the game permanently. Riot Shields keep players from getting shot by bullets as the shields deflect them away. The fact that even crossbows are ineffective against Riot Shields have been ridiculed by players.

The shields are not without weakness, of course, as players have been sharing ways to counter them. Breacher Drone, Drill Charge, Semtex, and Thermite have been the few options available for players to take down enemies using a Riot Shield.


There are several other major issues as well, and players have been quite vocal about the frustrating experience online. There’s always hope among players that the glitches and issues get rectified at the earliest.

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