Call of Duty Takes Top Spot on PlayStation, but Not On Xbox – Microsoft Must be Seething

Call of Duty is not dying soon but can Xbox save itself?

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  • Call of Duty has proven to be more popular on PlayStation than Xbox in April 2024.
  • Microsoft must be feeling some frustration at this situation due to this result.
  • The return of the popular Rebirth Island map to Call of Duty boosted the player count.
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Call of Duty topped the charts on PlayStation in April, but interestingly, not on Xbox Series consoles. Considering Microsoft’s controversial purchase of Activision, it begs the question: why are people flocking to Sony’s platform instead?


It is hard to imagine that the company is not at least concerned with something like this. Fans have also voiced their frustrations on social media at the tech giant’s handling of Call of Duty so far.

Call of Duty Has Topped PlayStation Charts

Call of Duty continues to be hugely popular.
Call of Duty continues to be hugely popular.

According to the statistics of the most played games on PS5, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone came out on top for PS5, with Fortnite in second place, while on the series consoles the stats were flipped, with Fortnite on top.


Other notable places were Helldivers 2 in sixth place on PS5 and Fallout 4 in the same spot on Xbox. Helldivers 2 being lower makes a lot of sense due to the recent controversy.

April was a contentious month for the game as Arrowhead Game Studios and Sony faced much backlash over the decision to make PSN accounts mandatory for Steam, so the game naturally saw a dip in its player counts.


In April, Rebirth Island returned to Warzone. The map was originally designed for Black Ops 4’s Blackout Battle Royale and was hugely popular when originally introduced in Warzone. So its return naturally increased interest in the game and gave the player count a boost.

Is PS5 the New Home of Call of Duty?

The popular map Rebirth Island returned to the game in April.
The popular map Rebirth Island returned to the game in April.

With PS5 seeing the biggest player counts, does this make it the new home for Warzone? The company is surely not happy with this development. There was much concern when it first acquired Activision Blizzard about which games would become console exclusives, with the first-person shooter being at the center of that discussion during that time.

Now that it has passed and remains accessible on all platforms, it’s one of Activision’s biggest money makers; there’s no way it was going exclusive. So the company surely has to be wondering if it wasted its time buying Activision when players prefer to play the game on the competitor’s hardware.


A player states that the company could do something to make the shooter franchise more popular and boost its players, such as by putting the best games on Game Pass. This would do a lot for the brand. If the newest games were available at launch on the service, then it would encourage more people to adopt that system.

Also, live service games are a major point of contention among gamers, so getting the next entry “free” at launch would make people a lot more receptive to engaging with live service practices. What do you think about this? How do you think Xbox can use Call of Duty to help itself? Let us know in the comments!


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