Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Release Date and Times Across the World

A colossal amount of COD content is coming.


  • Some countries will get the update on February 8, 2024, attributing to different time zones.
  • Warzone Mobile is likely to give a boost to the COD user base.
  • Activision Blizzard was acquired by tech giant Microsoft recently.
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Warzone Season 2 will be here by next week with Call of Duty promising a massive amount of content dropping in the game. The community is buzzing with speculations about what is to come in the new update. For starters, Fortune’s Keep will be returning which initially was taken down from Warzone in November 2022.


The update will drop on February 7, 2024, globally, however, time zones will differ and some countries may see the content coming in on February 8, 2024, in their region. Countries including New Zealand, Australia, China, and Japan will have to wait for the latter date. Meanwhile East and West US Coasts, alongside the United Kingdom and Central Europe will be receiving the game on the scheduled date.

Kate Laswell Will Be Joining Forces With Rick Grimes in Warzone Season 2

Simon 'Ghost' Riley in a Warzone Season 2 poster
Warzone Season 2 will drop on February 7, 2024

Amid the full swing of an undead incursion, the official Call of Duty blog reveals King County Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, from The Walking Dead series will be stepping into the battlefield. Joining him this season are Station Chief Kate Laswell and BlackCell Operator John Doe.


Alongside Warzone Season 2, Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) too will be getting a brand new collection of multiplayer maps from the initial Modern Warfare 2 game that was released in 2009 according to the announcement. Furthermore, Task Force 141 will again face off with the forces of Vladimir Makarov, one of the antagonists in the MW franchise.

Concerning inventory, Warzone Season 2 is adding four more weapons including a BP50 assault rifle, a RAM-9 submachine gun, an SOA Subverter battle rifle, and a melee weapon called Soulrender. Furthermore, seven Aftermarket parts will be added to the inventory too which can be unlocked through challenges and the battle pass.

Warzone Mobile Could Prove a Boon to The Franchise

John "Soap" MacTavish in a Warzone Mobile poster
Warzone Mobile is likely to come out in early 2024

Beginning on February 14, 2024, PlayStation Plus members can acquire the Season 2 Combat Pack for free. Additional bundles to be launched during the season include Dragon Soul: Lunar New Year Bundle, the Call of Duty Endowment Direct Action Pack, the Zombies: Aether Worm Bundle, and more according to the official PlayStation blog.


Warzone‘s user base is likely to get a boost with the release of Warzone Mobile. Nevertheless, Activision Blizzard has not revealed the exact date for the game but it is likely to come in early 2024. According to data aggregator Statista, there were nearly 1.75 Billion Million mobile gamers across the globe. The number is speculated to rise to 2.2 Billion by 2026.

Call of Duty has already confirmed that Warzone Mobile will not support cross-platform multiplayer. Nonetheless, it will support a cross-progression. The feature will allow Warzone players to unlock items from the battle pass for all the consoles the game is available on. For instance, unlocking a Ghost skin on mobile will unlock it over the PC or PlayStation version too.

In January 2022 tech giant Microsoft announced it would acquire Activision Blizzard, the Call of Duty publisher, in a $69 Billion deal. The deal was initially blocked by the United Kingdom amid concerns that Microsoft may shed a monopoly in the gaming industry. Moreover, players speculated that the company will bring the game to their exclusive console Xbox. However, they soon announced that the game would remain on PlayStation only.


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