Cinnabon Offers Heartfelt Message to Better Call Saul After Emmys Robbery, Wins the Internet

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The widely appreciated Better Call Saul fails to take home any of the achievements from Emmys 2022. While it has led to both fans expressing their frustration on various social media platforms, as well as pouring in more love for the show. Similarly, the American bakery chain Cinnabon also took to Twitter to express their love and admiration for it. But the fans were more than happy at this heartfelt message as they know Cinnabon and the BCS’s friendship is far deeper than the common people understand.

Spinoff of Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul failed once again at the Emmys

Over its span of 6 seasons and even after being nominated a total of 46 times, Better Call Saul failed to win any. As soon as Cinnabon tweeted about it, the fans wasted no time and flooded in tweets to show their respect to the bakery chain.

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Another Emmy-less year for Better Call Saul

Even after getting a celebrated Rotten Tomatoes score of more than 95% in every season, Better Call Saul always has to leave the Emmys empty-handed. The fans took to Twitter to discuss how shows like Squid Game can even win Emmy when Better Call Saul is called one of the best shows of all time. 

Bob Odenkirk FandomWire
Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul

Some people argued that the case might be regarding the pace of the show. Talks are also there that the show caters to a different set of audience which is not in abundance. But at the end of the day neither the fans nor can we know the exact concrete reason for its failure at the Emmys.


Amidst this chaos, the heartfelt message from Cinnabon really acted as a sign of true respect and admiration and even attracted a lot of praise from the audience. 

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The relationship between Cinnabon and Better Call Saul

Who would have thought that Cinnabon would really make any sense in the future of Breaking Bad when the Saul Goodman actor Bob Odenkirk referred to it in the second last episode of the series? But it did happen when we spotted the Bob Odenkirk character working in a Cinnabon bakery in his Better Call Saul series. 

Better Call Saul
Real Cinnabon employees helped in the production of Better Call Saul

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Reportedly the series and the bakery chain share a deep connection as Cinnabon not only let them use their name and logo but also provided some operation managers. These people helped the makers to produce the set more authentically. Speaking on how Cinnabon helped the production of the show, the VP Michael Alberici said:

“Each season, Cinnabon stocked it to look like a functioning bakery by shipping in equipment, packaging, product, etc. and bringing it back to life”

It is really very disheartening how a show which involved the love and hard work of so many people is not given a single award. But for now, we can do nothing but watch the conclusion of one of the greatest shows of all time. 


The last half of the final season of Better Call Saul can be streamed on AMC+ whereas the previous seasons can be streamed on Netflix

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