Comic Book Movie Super Villains So Relatable They Deserve a Solo Movie

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Many movie super villains are so damn relatable. Some actually want what’s good for the world when the world itself does not know what is good for itself. Many of them deserve their own solo movie so everybody can know their tale.



We will start with the most obvious one. The Mad Titan was termed as such because he proposed a radical and rather extreme idea to solve the problem of overpopulation that was threatening to destroy his home planet. For his unorthodox idea, he was termed crazy and cast out. Thanos’ prediction was right. His race died out because they consumed more than what the planet could offer. Thanos was only trying to ensure the icy fate that doomed his people does not end up devastating the entire universe. Thanos is a genius. In fact, he is one of the greatest minds in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. If he is ready to snap half of all life in the universe to protect life, you have to be pretty damn sure that is the only way left.



Bane is the Man who broke Batman and brought him to his knees. All his life, he had spent inside the darkness of an ancient prison used by the organizations to contain dangerous criminals and political prisoners. Bane thrived inside that darkness. He was born and bred in it. What made him the man he is today? What made him push himself beyond human physical and mental limitations to become the only person who has literally and figuratively broken the Dark Knight? A solo movie would do some real good on shedding some light there.

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Killmonger has achieved a fan following ever since he made an appearance as the primary antagonist in Black Panther. Left without a father because of the actions of his very own uncle, Killmonger is a self-made man. He had to fend for him-self and search for the roots to his heritage on his own. He had a just cause to dethrone T’Challa and take over. He genuinely wanted to help the oppressed minorities all over the world to rise up and take their place as equals in society. He wanted to break down the elite and blue blooded privileged. He had a better vision for utilizing Wakanda’s vast resources than even T’Challa. We NEED a Killmonger movie ASAP!!



Speaking of oppressed minorities, Marvel has their very own – the Mutant Race. Throughout history, humanity has looked down to their evolutionary offshoots. What people do not understand, they get scared of. Mutants just want to be treated as normal people. The world does not let them to be. Magneto has been at the forefront of instigating a mutant rebellion. He wants justice for all that humanity has inflicted upon human kind. If the Boston Tea Party was carried out by a gang of noble revolutionaries, why can’t we see Magneto in the same light?


Nothing unites two bitter enemies like a common foe. The Cold War was one of the harshest eras in history. Both America and the Soviet Union spent trillions in trying to reshape the world in their own image. Multiple Proxy Wars were fought to satiate each Super Power’s ego and protect their sphere of influence. What if there was a way to unite them? Imagine two super powers working together rather than against each other. Imagine the accomplishments that would have followed. Ozymandias did deceive the entire world but he managed to unite it, forever changing the course of history. His method was wrong but his vision wasn’t.



Okay he started out as a dirt-bag. But by the end of the first Thor movie, he revealed that he had the best interests of Asgard in mind. By ending the reign of the Frost Giants, Loki was doing the entire nine realms a favor. Throughout the rest of the movies that followed, Loki slowly realized the error of his ways and died a hero’s death trying to protect his brother from Thanos’ clutches. We have all been there. We have all committed mistakes. Loki at least had a chance at redemption.

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Doctor Doom

Humanity by nature is self-destructive. We discovered fire. We also invented guns and flame throwers. We invented the wheel. We also invented Tanks. Let us not even begin about the enormous applications of nuclear power. What was the first thing we used it for? Doctor Doom got it way before anybody else did. He knew the world is never ready to be self-governed. It needs someone to guide them with an iron will and a stern hand so that mankind does not do anything rash. Deep down, we all know Doom is right. All Doom ever wanted was the world to remain safe. If he can do it, then the world might never need superheroes to begin with.

General Zod


Imagine if General Zod was a human trying to save his species from extinction by invading Krypton. He does not sound as much of a bad guy now does it? Michael Shannon did a splendid job as General Zod, the antagonist in the Man of Steel movie. Zod was one of the highlights of the film. A solo movie showing how he turned from a loyal Krypton soldier to rebellious visionary does sound good.


Death is a disease. Why do people live if you eventually die later? What is the point of loving someone if you just watch her get old and wither into dust? Kaecilius saw his wife and child die. He turned to magic to find a way for the world to be released from the hands of death. When the Ancient One stopped him from using the same Dark Magic she her-self was using to achieve immortality, we don’t have the guts to blame him for acting out. Kaecilius died for the right causes. A solo movie would be good to honor his legacy for trying to save the universe from its own doom.


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