‘Comic book movies have become more dark and serious’: Snyder Fans Rejoice as Jamie Foxx’s Spawn Movie Provides Hope for Gritty Superhero Thrillers Unlike MCU

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One of the biggest deal-breaking features of movies and TV shows nowadays that people despise is when the creators/directors/showrunners lighten up the atmosphere of the feature(which happens a lot in DC and Marvel productions). Spawn, however, is not going to be subject to that kind of treatment.


Audiences who want a fresh experience need not worry, as the upcoming Spawn movie looks pretty promising. It’ll be produced by creator Todd McFarlane who has been doing work on it for quite some time now.

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Spawn in the comics

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All About The Upcoming Movie Of Image Comic’s Spawn

Spawn is one of Image Comics’ antihero characters that has been around since the 90s. The character first appeared in Spawn #1 published in the month of May 1992 and subsequently got its standalone movie in 1997 with Michael Jai White starring as Al Simmons/Spawn.

The 1997 movie, regardless of critics’ blasting it, is now slated to receive a new movie as a reboot in the works has been announced. Todd McFarlane, the man who made the character, has been pushing for a sequel since 1998 and will be heading production for the reboot.

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The movie’s script is complete, according to McFarlane (who first completed it but it will now be rewritten by Brian Tucker), and joining him to make the movie will be Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman, and Matthew Nixon- the first two having already written for Joker and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier respectively.

It will also have Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx playing the role of Spawn, who will be joined by Jeremy Renner aka Marvel’s Hawkeye in the role of Twitch. There’s no update on who else will be added to the cast, maybe an ensemble? But Foxx’s presence alone makes the movie worth a watch.

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Fans Rejoice Upon Hearing News Of Spawn’s New Writers

The upcoming movie has been highly anticipated among DC fans (a lot of them also Zack Snyder fans) as well as Marvel fans who just want a break from all the happy and light-hearted tone of the TV shows and movies that Marvel & DC has been putting out.

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A still from the 1997 movie

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They’ve made their voices pretty loud in announcing that they hugely appreciate McFarlane actually trying to make a “serious” movie as compared to their counterparts Marvel & DC-


Its been a long time-


Jamie Foxx looks great-

He’ll be here soon-


About time! –


Spawn is shaping up to be an exciting one whose production we’re gonna have to look out for, we’re pretty eager to see what DC pulls of now after the success of Joker.

The movie has no release date yet.

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