‘It’s Not Blade’: Jamie Foxx Says Day Shift Shouldn’t Be Compared To 1998 Movie, Says His Vampire Hunting Movie is More “Practical”

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The recent Netflix release, Day Shift, featuring Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco, has garnered quite the buzz. From people praising Snoop Dogg’s short, yet dynamic portrayal of John “Big J” Elliot, to the appreciation of J. J. Perry’s deep dive into the action-comedy genre and of course, the crazy opening fight sequence — the film promises pure entertainment. In a recent interview, Foxx, who was seen in the role of a secret vampire hunter, Bud Jablonski, discussed how the latest Netflix endeavor should not be compared to the cult classic 1998 film Blade, penned by David S. Goyer.

Actor Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

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Jamie Foxx Says His Film Is “Practical”

Sitting down to talk to Collider’s Steve Weintraub, actors Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco opened up about filming tidbits, including what their thoughts were on the opening action sequence, J. J. Perry’s efforts to balance elements of both comedy and action, and the challenges of filming in a tight, compact schedule. However, one question that reaped an interesting reply from Foxx was when the two actors were asked about whether Day Shift had borrowed several elements from other popular action films, as many have dubbed the recent endeavor as ‘John Wick with vampires.’

Day Shift, starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg
Day Shift, starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg

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In his response, Foxx mentioned how people were comparing the film with the 1998 Blade, which was based on the Marvel comics and featured the same-named character. Blade, as a movie, is renowned for being charismatic, action-packed, and stylish amongst film critics. However, Foxx emphasized how the premise of Day Shift is more “practical”, in comparison to the Stephen Norrington-directed film.

Following is what the actor had to say:


“Here’s the thing. I think that’s what’s ingenious about the movie. It makes it blue-collar. It’s like people were saying, “Blade.” I said, “No, you got to see it. It’s not Blade. It’s not any of that.” This is practical. This is a guy harvesting teeth to go get some money, so he could take care of his kid. And it just happens to be the craziest world that we all stumble into.”

Jamie Foxx then went on to elaborate on how his character, Bud, is involved in such a crazy world. “My character’s been in it for a while,” He said. While the film has nothing to do with Blade, the actor stated how it can be compared to 2001’s Training Day. After pursuing a target that he shouldn’t have pursued, Foxx’s character ends up in a terrible predicament — posing some similarities to the 2001 film.

The Must-Watch 80's & 90's Action Films
Blade (1998)

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Will There Be A Sequel To Day Shift?

When it comes to the question of a potential sequel film, Foxx emphasized how he’s got his fingers crossed. When talking about J. J. Perry’s incredible work ethic, Dave Franco, who was seen in the role of Seth, commended him. “JJs a machine,” He said. “He knows exactly what he’s doing.” Furthermore, the 21 Jump Street actor said how everyone involved in the filming process, including an incredible stunt team, was dedicated enough and aware of what they needed to do. That is exactly what kept them all moving forward with the film.

A still from the Netflix vampire hunting action-comedy film, Day Shift
Day Shift (2022)

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This is what Foxx had to say about a sequel to the film:

“… Hopefully fingers crossed people will start watching this [Day Shift], make it super hot so we can do Night Shift. And then we can do that thing together.”

At the end of the interview, Dave Franco, with a tinge of humor, added on to such future possibilities and said, “Third one is Graveyard Shift.” Enjoyers of the film will now have to await confirmation on the plausibility of a future installment.


Day Shift is now exclusively streaming on Netflix.

Source: Collider

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