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“Consent is important, This is not the cute story you think it is”: Millie Bobby Brown Was Slammed For Kissing Co-star Louis Partridge in Enola Holmes

"Consent is important, This is not the cute story you think it is": Millie Bobby Brown Was Slammed For Kissing Co-star Louis Partridge in Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown has achieved so much at a young age. Followed by small appearances on several TV shows and films, Brown starred as the lead in the 2016 supernatural horror drama Stranger Things. The show brought the British actress to the limelight and more new opportunities. She has since starred in multiple films and even received two Primetime Emmy nominations. However, becoming the face of one of the leading shows in the OTT space and attention doesn’t have a positive impact only.

Enola Holmes 2 (2022)
Enola Holmes 2 (2022)

She also came under fire for being rude toward her co-stars after people noticed her interrupting them during interviews. And the Enola Holmes star once again came under fire after an intimacy coordinator called her out for inappropriate behavior towards her co-star, Louis Patridge.

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Millie Bobby Brown Called Out By Intimacy Coordinator

Millie Bobby Brown starred alongside Henry Cavill and Louis Patridge in the 2020 Netflix film Enola Holmes. The film followed the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes and became the second most-watched film on the streaming platform in its debut weekend. Considering the response the mystery adventure received, the streaming giant announced a sequel in 2021, which was released in October 2022.

Louis Patridge and Millie Bobby Brown
Louis Patridge and Millie Bobby Brown

During one of her interviews, the Stranger Things star reacted to her and Patridge’s kissing scene in the sequel. “I grabbed his face and kissed him,” she described the behind-the-scenes incident. She also mentioned her co-star’s reaction to the kiss as “cute,” soon after mimicking his shocked reaction to the kiss.

While Millie Bobby Brown described Louis Patridge’s reaction as cute, intimacy coordinator Jessica Steinrock did not feel the same about her kiss. The qualified intimacy coordinator called out the Godzilla actress via a TikTok video. She claimed that the English actor did not give his consent before Brown kissed him.

A still from Enola Holmes 2
A still from Enola Holmes 2

This is not the cute story you think it is,” she said. Steinrock further mentioned that this type of behavior could have unwanted consequences over time, before adding, “Consent is important.” She also said that she loves Brown and Enola Holmes 2 but that her behavior towards her co-star was inappropriate and urges her to ask for consent next time she films a kiss scene.

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The Enola Holmes Star Criticized For Punching Co-Star

Millie Bobby Brown also mentioned during her interview how she constantly punched him, and he had to ask her to stop doing so. She also made it clear that she was not faking it and deliberately punching him. “I was fully just getting him right in the stomach,” she said. After this Louis Patridge had to ask her to stop and told her to “fake punch” him instead.

Intimacy Coordinator Jessica Steinrock
Intimacy Coordinator Jessica Steinrock

Jessica Steinrock also mentioned that consent is important whether it’s a romantic scene or a fighting scene. In the caption of the TikTok video, she said, “Consent is mandatory. We don’t need to surprise kiss, we don’t need to actually hit…”

Jessica Steinrock is an intimacy coordinator and has over 700 thousand followers on TikTok. As an intimacy coordinator, she continually discusses what goes on behind the intimate scenes in films and shows. Steinrock is also listed among the fifty intimacy coordinators on the SAG-AFFRA’s registry of qualified coordinators.

Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 are available to stream on Netflix.

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