“Don’t F—k this up”: Millie Bobby Brown Made Piercing Studio Bend Their Rules to Get Pierced at Cost of Her Own Health, Used Her Stranger Things Fame to Fulfil Her Wish With Boyfriend Jake Bongiovi

“Don’t F—k this up”: Millie Bobby Brown Made Piercing Studio Bend Their Rules to Get Pierced at Cost of Her Own Health, Used Her Stranger Things Fame to Fulfil Her Wish With Boyfriend Jake Bongiovi
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Celebrities love to set trends as they have a major fan following and they sway their fanbase into having a certain opinion of fashion, and beauty. By setting trends they can shape the perception of what is trendy and what is not. Piercings are one of the things which have become a trend, mainly because many social media influencers and celebrities have been seen with several piercings.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the celebrities who set the trend with her piercings and London’s renowned piercing studio gave the young actress, an edgy look. Metal Morphosis is frequently visited by celebrities and influencers that does not bend the rule for their customers, but they had to make exceptions for Millie Bobby Brown.

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How did Millie Bobby Brown Bend the Studio’s Rules?

Recently, The Mirror visited Metal Morphosis for an interview, where Matthew Harris and Ben Harris, the father and son owners of the studio shared that the Stranger Things actress was a frequent visitor to the studio, and they recalled when the actress visited their piercing studio for the very first time, and told she came with her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi, the staff of the studio decided to clear the studio so that the couple can browse freely and do not get interrupted by their fans.

Millie Bobby Brown and Jack Bongiovi

“He came in for a helix piercing and she didn’t get a piercing but they’d obviously seen Metal Morphosis before.” He laughed: “My staff called me like ‘Oh my God’, everyone’s on the WhatsApp group freaking out and saying “Millie Bobby Brown’s in here” – I said ‘just relax, just serve her’. They came in with a bodyguard who stood outside the shop and it was quite chilled.”

Millie Bobby Brown was impressed by the service of Metal Morphosis, the couple came back to the studio after a few weeks, and the Enola Holmes actress asked the studio to bend the rules for her as she wanted to have five piercings in one sitting.

“She asked for a two lobes, two helixes, and her navel, so that’s quite a lot of piercings in one day which we wouldn’t normally do.”

Ben Harris explained that their studio limits to only three piercings in a sitting because it will prolong the healing time and increase the risk of swelling if they are near each other. The staff warned her but later bent the rules as they weren’t going to “turn her down.” 


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Who did Millie Bobby Brown’s Piercings?

The Enola Holmes actress was pierced by Meghan, a resident piercer, she did all five of Brown’s piercings, and even though she hasn’t been a professional piercer for “as long as some of the others.” 

Millie Bobby Brown's piercings
Millie Bobby Brown’s piercings

Ben said “she handled it really well” and jokingly said that his only advice to Meghan was “don’t f*** this up.”


Well, she did a great job as the actress did not face any health complications, and fans are loving her edgy look. Sadly, Ben Harris couldn’t meet the actress because he was in Berlin looking out for some new jewelry collections, he later called her and thanked her for coming to the studio.

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About Metal Morphosis

Metal Morphosis is located in the streets of Soho that has been in business since 1991. The body modification studio aims in helping people feel more like themselves, with the use of high-quality pieces of jewelry. The studio offers a variety of options, from traditional ear and nose piercings to unusual piercings like dermal anchors, surface piercings, and even g*nital piercings.

Metal Morphosis studio

The studio is exceptional because the studio tends to focus on creating unique and personalized pieces of jewelry for each individual consumer, which suits their preferences and needs, which leads to exquisite and relaxed piercings. As a result, the studio has made a name for itself, which attracts high-profile clients in the UK.

Source: The Mirror


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