Cringe Reality TV Shows That Are Wrongfully Taking Over Television

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Reality TV shows are polarizing. Some hate them, some can’t live without them. The fact is, there is something strangely addictive about these shows that leave you feeling empty and stupid. However, what baffles us, even more, is cringe reality TV shows that make it big. These shows are empty calories that feed upon your brain cells. Nevertheless, some of these cringe shows manage to take over television. This is utterly wrong! Yet it happens quite often, often enough, that we have made a list of such shows.


These reality TV shows are cringe! Whether because of their central premise or the actors in it. Either way, these apparently unwatchable shows have made their mark on TV. We have no idea how. Below, we take a closer look at these shows. What do you think about this cringe side of television? Let us know in the comments section below.

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These Cringe Reality TV Shows Are Wrongfully Taking Over Television

1. Love Is Blind (Netflix)

Cringe reality tv shows taking over television
A still from love is blind

This popular show made its debut in 2020, during the lockdown. In retrospect, that might have helped it. (ha-ha!) Anyway, this show is based on a social experiment. Which, frankly, is quite intriguing. Single men and women enter the show to find love. They date each other for a period of 0 days, speed dating style, in different “pods” separated by a wall. The idea is for the couples to find love purely on the basis of emotional connection, rather than physical attraction. The premise has some potential, but the contestants have made it a total cringe-fest. Some questionable decision-making and weird dialogues make this show entry number 1 on our list.

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2. Too Hot To Handle (Netflix)

Cringe reality tv shows taking over television
A Still from the show

This one is particularly cringy! A group of good-looking men and women share an island. They are free to associate and mingle, but there is a giant twist! Physical intimacy is prohibited. Violations are punished by reducing the prize money. This show attempts to test the self-control of its participants. This weird premise sets up for many cringe moments and interactions. Watch it at your own peril!


3. Sexy Beasts (Netflix)

Tv shows that are wrongfully taking of television
Sexy Beasts, A Still.

This show has a premise similar to the one in Love is Blind. However, it takes it to the extreme! The contestants here go on dates dressed as monsters! Yikes! A strange way to eliminate looks from the dating process. The show tried quite hard, yet it was as cringe as the others on this list, if not more.

4. Keeping Up With The Kardashians (E!)

Shows that are wrongly taking over TV
Keeping Up With The Kardashians

This is a legendary entry on this list. With countless seasons and episodes under its belt, it has had incredible success. Nonetheless, it remains ridiculous and full of cringe moments. It is insanely popular, though. Many of which have made it into the wider popular culture. A springwell of cringe that never ceases to provide more weird content.

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5. Naked and Afraid (Discovery Channel)

Shows that are wrongly taking over TV
Naked and Afraid, a still.

The most entertaining entry on this list is the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. Yes, the show is what the title implies. Two naked persons, a man, and a woman must survive in the wilderness for three weeks with little, to begin with. The premise and the shenanigans in this show land it as entry number five on our list.

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