Days After Marvel Allegedly Issued a Warning Over Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Crossover, Rob Liefeld is Back to Promote ‘Deadpool 3’

Days After Marvel Allegedly Issued a Warning Over Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Crossover, Rob Liefeld is Back to Promote 'Deadpool 3'

Deadpool 3 (2024) starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is one of the most anticipated projects from the MCU after something like Avengers Endgame (2019). The threequel to the much-loved character of the Merc with a Mouth has been the talk of the town in the world of superhero movie news. The hype went to an all-time high after the announcement of Jackman’s return as Wolverine and the film may become one of the highest-grossing films in the MCU if everything goes well. The production of the film had been halted due to the ongoing strikes in Hollywood. But this has not stopped Rob Liefeld, the creator of the character from expressing his excitement and building up hype around the film.

Rob Liefeld Reveals Funko Pop Figures for Deadpool 3

Rob Liefeld
Rob Liefeld

In a recent post on X, the creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld took to X to further build hype and excitement for the upcoming MCU film Deadpool 3, led by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. In the post, he writes, “The hype begins…”. He was retweeting a post made by a user called Deadpool Updates regarding the Funko Pop figures related to the film that would be available through Amazon.

This announcement would be an exciting one for fans as it will provide a glimpse at what the characters in the film would look like. It may also provide some clues regarding the plot of the film which is kept under wraps.

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Rob Liefeld Previously Got in Trouble for Revealing Tidbits of the Film

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

As revealed by Rob Liefeld to (via Cinemablend), he got in trouble with Marvel regarding promoting and talking about the secretive Deadpool 3 to the press. Maybe he went a bit too far and got strict instructions from Marvel and Disney to stop speaking anything regarding the project. He told,

“I can’t say anything about this movie as I promised Marvel and Disney. I got the call, so here I am saying nothing. I will say nothing. He tried, but I cannot say anything. There’s nothing to be said”

It seems like fans have to wait to get official news or merch regarding the project. Since its production is halted at the moment, there cannot be any news or potential leaks from the sets of the film.

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Who is in Deadpool 3 and When is it Releasing?

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman shooting Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman shooting Deadpool 3

For now, the confirmed prominent cast of Deadpool 3 includes Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand, Jennifer Garner, and Emma Corrin. Rumors have been swirling around regarding the appearance of some of the X-Men characters and the return of Ben Affleck as Daredevil. Speculation is all that fans can do until the film comes out and they can find out for themselves.

The film is still scheduled to release on May 3, 2024, but it is unlikely that the film will be able to complete by that time. Since the ongoing strikes have halted every production in Hollywood, the cast and crew have been unable to shoot for the film as well. It remains to be seen if Deadpool 3 manages to keep its release date or get delayed (which is most likely to happen).

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