Walker Scobell, Who Played a Young Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project, Joining Deadpool 3 after Hugh Jackman? Ryan Reynolds Fuels Major MCU Debut Speculation

Walker Scobell, Who Played a Young Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project, Joining Deadpool 3 after Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds is all set for his upcoming superhero film, Deadpool 3. The cast of Deadpool 3 is slowly being revealed, and one of the big names from the industry joining the Deadpool team is Hugh Jackman. Apart from him, fans may get to witness Walker Scobell in the film.

Scobell played the role of young Reynolds in The Adam Project. There have been rumors swirling about Scobell’s role in the film, and according to speculations, he might play the role of ‘Kidpool.’

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds may introduce a new character to the Deadpool series

There is a lot of excitement among fans for the upcoming Deadpool film, as it will bring together two beloved superheroes: Deadpool and Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman. In addition to the lead star cast, there are speculations about the rest of the cast members, with rumors suggesting that Walker Scobell might play the role of ‘Kidpool.’

Walker Scobell
Walker Scobell

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These rumors gained traction when a Twitter account posted that Reynolds had “liked a tweet about Walker Scobell playing Kidpool in #Deadpool3.” Fans are interpreting this as a hint from the Deadpool actor, suggesting that Scobell may make his Marvel debut in Deadpool 3.

Scobell was Reynolds’ co-star in the 2022 sci-fi film The Adam Project, where he portrayed a young Reynolds. Scobell is such a big fan of Deadpool that, as a kid, he learned Deadpool 2 by heart.

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Who is Kidpool?


Kid Deadpool or Kidpool is a character from the Deadpool Universe who is the younger version of Deadpool. Known for his bizarre adventures, Kidpool has often made appearances in various Deadpool comic book series. However, the character has yet to make his debut in Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool franchise.

Considering the high anticipation for the franchise, there have been several fan theories suggesting that Reynolds’ upcoming film could be set in a Multiverse. This opens up the possibility of exploring different versions of the characters and introducing variants of these characters, including Kidpool, to the Deadpool franchise.

However, it’s important to note that no official statements have been made by the makers of Deadpool, and all these theories remain in the realm of speculation.

Deadpool 3 is set to mark its release on May 3, 2024.  

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