DC Fan Art Shows us How Perfect David Corenswet Can Look as Clark Kent after Superman Suit Reveal Butchered Fan Expectations

New fan art proves that David Corenswet will look excellent in his Superman suit.

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  • David Corenswet's casting as Superman did not get as much backlash as many would have expected.
  • However, as soon as the first look of his suit was released, it was clear that audiences were not happy.
  • While many people had a variety of criticisms, a fan art showcases the solution to most.
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David Corenswet’s casting in Superman: Legacy was perhaps one of the rare times that fans were not outraged by the choice. Although some were still holding onto the past, there was no denying that the actor might turn out great in the role. One would not assume an opinion like this to change until the film came out or a reason was given. However, recent events might say otherwise.

David Corenswet in Look Both Ways.
David Corenswet in Look Both Ways.

Ever since DC released their very first look at Corenswet in his suit, fans have been perplexed. Although they do not like what they see, they understand that the actor and the casting have nothing to do with it. Recent fan art seems to have reinforced this even more.

Superman’s Suit Failed To Meet Expectations

Earlier this month, DC released its official first look from Superman: Legacy, showcasing David Corenswet’s suit as Superman, and it is safe to say that no fan expected what was to come. The picture stuck out for all the wrong reasons, putting forth an odd first impression for a film that has the entire DC Universe riding on it.

David Corenswet as Superman in DCU
David Corenswet as Superman | Threads @jamesgunn ; Photo by Jess Miglio

The still showed a battered Corenswet, tying up the shoes to his soot-covered suit with a face full of woe. He is sitting with his back to a window, and in the distance, there is only calamity.

While the message that DC is trying to give off a tired Superman is quite clear, many fans were upset that this was the first look they chose to put out for the world.


David Corenswet in a Better Light

While some criticized the film and the casting itself, others understood that it wasn’t the actors or the suit itself, but the entire look and setting that was not satisfactory. Many believed that the expression and scenery did not show the actor in his best light. They believed that a change of perspective was required. Recently, Will Rios on X posted some impeccable fan art of David Corenswet as Superman, and it perfectly proves their theory.

David Corenswet
David Corenswet in Pearl

The artist made two different versions of the character; one as Superman, with a much more welcoming look on his face, and the other as Clark Kent, perfectly embodying both of their spirits. It is safe to say that both of these versions better encapsulate the essence of the character.


While there is nothing wrong with portraying a darker version of Superman; it being the very introduction during a time when audiences are still varying the change is bound to bring backlash.


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