‘DC/Marvel crossover is more possible than ever now’: As James Gunn Takes Over DC, Industry Insider Confirms Avengers vs. Justice League Movie May Be in the Cards

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Fans have been asking for a DC/Marvel crossover for as long as possible. The comics may have already given us a team-up between the two franchises, but the day remains when the audience can see their live-action superheroes fight the villains together. The competition between Marvel Studios and DC Studios made it extremely difficult to ever see a potential crossover that could mix up the two universes.

Raven, Zatana, and Scarlet Witch on the cover of a crossover comic

This wish of the fans might finally be possible with the anointment of James Gunn and Peter Safran as the new CEOs of DC Studios which was previously known as DC Films. Taking over from Walter Hamada who resigned before Black Adam’s releasethe involvement of having a director who holds an essential place with both the franchises might be the way.

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A DC/Marvel Crossover In The Making Because Of James Gunn?

Nightwing and Spider-Man soaring in through the skies

James Gunn is known famously for his direction of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy as well as The Suicide Squad, has now taken over as the CEO of DC Studios along with producer Peter Safran. Since the director has ties to both franchises, insider source Daniel Richtman allegedly states that the possibility of a crossover between the two to happen is higher than ever.

Nova and Green Lantern fighting together in the comics

Richtman had allegedly also foretold the involvement of Noah Centineo being included in Black Adam as Atom Smasher and has been a reliable source for a long time. The comics have seen a lot of crossovers between Marvel and DC, from Hawkeye joining the Justice League to Superman picking up Mjolnir and using Captain America’s shield; the team-ups have been endless. Now, seeing the direction where DC might be heading off, it is very likely to see the franchise shake hands with Marvel and mix and match the superheroes as well as the villains.

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A Marvel And DC Crossover Could Happen But, Do Fans Really Want It?

DC/Marvel Crossover
Red Hood and The Winter Soldier have each other’s backs in the comics

The speculation of this crossover is still very new since James Gunn is yet to initiate his work as the CEO from 1st November 2022. While on one hand, Stan Lee was the one who came closest to any form of a crossover with his cameo in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, there hasn’t been an interaction between the two multiverses on the big screen.


The fire between the fans of both franchises only fuels higher and even if heads like Kevin Feige and James Gunn would want to see a project like that happen, the conflict among the fans might always prove to be a barrier. Some call this possibility to be the best news ever since a project like that could be much bigger than Avengers: Endgame or Avengers:  Secret Wars.


As of now, this crossover happening is just a thin chance that cannot be confirmed nor overlooked. The project could be a movie or a TV series and it could be either a Justice League vs. Avengers project or both the teams could even join forces.

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