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10 Times DC Wasted Superman’s Potential 

Superman may be DC’s famous superhero, but even the Man of Steel has wasted his potential in the comics multiple times. Clark Kent is the strongest Superman on this planet, and he has solved plenty of real-world issues. But in comics, Clark didn’t use his powers to the fullest. He could use his powers to save humanity in so many ways, but he never did. Below are 10 times DC wasted Superman’s potential.

1. Clark was knowledgeable enough to cure cancer. He can process a tremendous amount of information faster than any other ordinary human. Clark has a complex problem-solving power with which he can fix most of the world’s diseases, but he didn’t.

2. Solving problems like bank robberies and beating thugs to protect people is a good thing, but this will never fix the problem for life. In a metropolitan city, issues like extremely high housing prices could be taken care of if Clark ever tried. He can help the people who are suffering.

3. Clark can win a battle against terrorism; he is way more potent than an entire army. He has everything needed to defeat terrorists. From speed to durability, he has it all. Clark could easily catch terrorists and destroy them in a matter of a few seconds. This way, civilians will remain safe.

4. He can even end the biggest problem of the world, i.e., pollution. The garbage could be flown away into the sun instead of being buried. Superman is capable of doing this, and with this, the number of environment-related problems will be finished by the end of the decade.

5. The Justice League repeatedly travels to space for various missions. Yet, they never really shared the advanced technology they use with the rest of the world. Humans could make the galactic community grow even better if they had access to better technology. This will also improve the standard of living.

6. Clark has a fixed rule that he will only help and guide humanity but never interfere with politics. Sitting back and doing nothing is also not correct. It’s like watching the world fall into pieces and doing nothing.

7. As minorities are mostly victimized all around the world, Clark never did anything. He sat behind and watched people suffer just because he didn’t want to interfere. Clark barely did anything to protect the people of this world; instead, he gave lectures about justice. The amount of people Clark never could have helped but didn’t is frightening.

8. Many things are a mystery to us, and the deepest parts of the ocean are one of them. Clark’s powers allow him to explore things under the deepest of waters. He can easily survive under those low-light circumstances, with his incredible telescopic vision he can see through the darkness.

9. Giving an inspiring speech and saying that everything will turn out good doesn’t always help. Those speeches do not improve current conditions. Having the powers of a Superman and just giving a lecture may not be enough.

10. This might be the most significant proof that DC wasted Superman’s potential. People living on Earth never obeyed Clark’s advice or followed any of his examples. Standing idly with all those powers and simply waiting for things to get better won’t work. Clark’s blind faith in humanity is one of the reasons he was never able to incorporate himself with the modern audience.


Written by FandomWire Staff