“DCEU is bringing back that’ Man of Steel’ style action”: New Black Adam Trailer’s Insanely Fluid Action Scenes Has Fans Convinced The Rock’s Bringing Back the SnyderVerse

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To the unsuspecting audience, Black Adam is merely another notch on the DCEU belt. But for those who have grieved the loss of the SnyderVerse, The Rock’s film is a promise. The DC Extended Universe has gained an exponentially multiplied fandom ever since the launch of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel in 2013. The SnyderVerse trilogy which then came to pass over the next 8 years went out the door kicking and screaming. But now that Black Adam is here, perhaps there is yet hope to be had for those who still await the cinematography of the SnyderVerse.

Black Adam
Black Adam (2022)

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The Promises to be Delivered by The Rock’s Black Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is rarely one to talk the talk and not walk the walk. He always delivers — which is probably why despite his oversaturated action sagas, he manages to be such a crowd-puller. Ultimately, his domineering on-screen presence promises to pay off with his first major DC solo superhero movie, Black Adam. As the premiere date draws closer, the film has already launched all of its trailers and by the looks of it, The Rock wasn’t lying when he said it will change the hierarchy of the DC universe.

The Rock as Black Adam
Black Adam trailer promises a radically high-octane DCEU film

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The Rock had also teased the fans by saying, “I hear you” when the uproar about the return of Henry Cavill was at its peak. Whether this was an answer meant for placating the fans with a blurry face-less Superman cameo or if it actually means something more is yet to be seen. Black Adam will really pull a miracle off if The Rock does bring back Cavill to the DCEU but if not, the next best thing that the film could do would be restoring a fraction of what the SnyderVerse had brought to the big screens.

Zack Snyder
DC fans still await the magic of SnyderVerse and Man of Steel

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Black Adam Replicates the Iconic Man of Steel Action Model

The final trailer of the upcoming WB release challenged what we already knew about The Rock’s capacity for emanating emotions through his eyebrow. He hogs the spotlight in the majority of the trailer and the remainder of it serves to introduce the Justice Society of America. However, what sets the final trailer apart from the rest was the resurrection scene of the ancient god-powered being portrayed by Dwayne Johnson.

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As can be expected, the first response team on the scene unleashes their storm of bullets and our anti-hero is unimpressed by this world’s “magic” which feels “weak” to him. And he goes on to sucker punch them off the screen frame in a matter of seconds. The cinematography here invokes the darker, grim setting that Zack Snyder had once managed to make his audience fall in love with.


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If The Rock’s cryptic promise — “I hear you” — was actually a subtle way of reminding us that DCEU is not lost yet, then the trailer has done its job well. Perhaps, we may not be getting a Cavill, but we might find that Warner Bros. has the authority to pull off a SnyderVerse model of action in their future films. And if so, the possibility of the much-awaited return of the director who introduced it all may not be a long shot to consider.

Black Adam premieres theatrically on 21 October 2022.

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