Dead by Daylight x Helldivers 2 Crossover May be Coming: We Already Have the Perfect Villain for the Job

Dead by Daylight's survey hinted at a possible crossover with Helldivers 2.

Dead by Daylight x Helldivers 2 Crossover May be Coming: We Already Have the Perfect Villain for the Job


  • A recent player satisfaction survey asked Dead by Daylight players to describe their experience with Helldivers 2.
  • Fans believe that this is a hint that they might get a crossover between Dead by Daylight and Helldivers 2 very soon.
  • The perfect villain to be the centre of attention for this crossover would be the Automaton Berserker.
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Arrowhead Gaming Studios’ Helldivers 2 is certainly one of the most popular games in the world right now, so naturally, many other developers are looking to collaborate with Arrowhead to give fans exclusive crossovers. Dead by Daylight‘s official X account recently posted a Player Satisfaction Survey in which fans were asked to answer various questions about the game.

Get your fill of big explosions in Helldivers 2!
Helldivers 2

One of these questions asked fans to describe their experience with various popular video games and Helldivers 2 was also a part of this list. The list consisted of many other games like Payday 2, Left 4 Dead, and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. Many fans believe that this survey was conducted in order to analyze players’ demand and plan a crossover accordingly.

A crossover between Dead by Daylight and Helldivers 2 is indeed a bit unusual but there is a character in the game that could lead the Automatons in this crossover: Berserker.


Is Dead by Daylight interested in a crossover with Helldivers 2?

Dead by Daylight may not be a free horror experience for much longer.
Dead by Daylight

Popular multiplayer survival horror video game, Dead by Daylight, recently conducted a Player Satisfaction Survey that was shared on the game’s official X page. The 52nd question of the survey asked the fans to describe their experience with the games: Payday 2, Enshrouded, Left 4 Dead, Lethal Company, Helldivers 2, The Forest/Sons of the Forest, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, 7 Days to Die, Deep Rock Galactic, Valheim, Pacific Drive, Hunt: Showdown, Phasmophobia and Escape the Backrooms. Fans wonder if the creators are trying to determine which crossover to do next by understanding what players like.

Arrowhead’s Helldivers 2 being included in this list has sparked a lot of speculation regarding a possible crossover between the games. Their genres are quite different, but seeing how they execute this crossover would be interesting.

Automaton Berserker is perfect to be the face of this crossover

The Automaton Berserker in Helldivers 2 (via GamerGuides)
The Automaton Berserker in Helldivers 2 (via GamerGuides)

Helldivers 2 may seem like an action game to some but it has some horror elements scattered throughout the game. With Automatons collecting human corpses and players hearing screams for help from these mindless aliens, a crossover between these two games could possibly work.


The Automaton Berserker can lead the pack as its horrifying appearance can send chills down any player’s spine. Thanks to its large size and chainsaw arms, Berserker has been annihilating players on the battlefield. Battling them at a close range is certainly a bad idea so it is better to take accurate shots from a distance to avoid getting sliced by its chainsaws.
Fans have seen many crossovers in Dead by Daylight in the past with popular franchises like Resident Evil, Stranger Things, Alien, Alan Wake, and Scream, but the crossover with Helldivers 2 entirely depends on how players respond to Helldivers 2 in that survey so, there are no confirmations as of now.


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