Deadpool 3 Can Setup Josh Brolin’s Return as Thanos for the Real Infinity Stones Storyline That MCU Skipped Altogether

Deadpool 3 could set the stage for one of the wackiest love triangles in comics history.

Deadpool 3 Can Setup Josh Brolin’s Return as Thanos for the Real Infinity Stones Storyline That MCU Skipped Altogether


  • Deadpool's entry in the MCU could open the gates for Marvel Studios to adapt one of the wackiest love triangles in the MCU.
  • Deadpool, Thanos and Lady Death have been part of a love triangle that has spanned the entirety of Wade's career as Deadpool.
  • This could open up a lot of opportunities for jokes, given that Josh Brolin has also played Wade's close ally, Cable in Deadpool 2.
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Josh Brolin’s Thanos embarked on a quest to wipe out half the life in the universe, in a bid to solve economic suffering across the cosmos. While there was a lot of support for Thanos’s quest, the comic that inspired the plot of the film showed the character in a completely different light. However, there is another side of Thanos the films refuse to acknowledge, one that puts him in direct competition with Deadpool.


Given that Wade is now introduced in the MCU, Marvel Studios could finally adapt Thanos in a more comics-accurate light. In the comics, Thanos finds himself enamored by Lady Death, the personification of decay, who made a cameo appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder in the Altar of Infinity. However, Death rebuffs the mad titan, instead deciding to stay loyal to her other partner: Deadpool.

Deadpool & Wolverine could set up the love triangle of Thanos, Lady Death and Deadpool

Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

In the comics, Thanos’ motivation to wipe out half the life from the universe, comes from his love for Lady Death. Having been rejected by her time and time again, Thanos decided to gather the Infinity Gems to wipe out half the universe as a tribute to her, in a bid to win her affection.


However, Lady Death is still unimpressed, saying that in the end, all souls would belong to her anyway, deciding to go with Wade instead.

Now that Wade Wilson has officially entered the MCU, and the multiverse has been blown wide open, Deadpool and Thanos could ignite their unlikely rivalry to woo Lady Death, bringing to the screen some of the most wacky and out-of-this-world stories that have come out of Marvel Comics.

Deadpool and Lady Death have fought Thanos on Multiple Occasions

Josh Brolin played Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War
Josh Brolin played Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War

Wade often finds himself clashing with the Mad Titan on the commands of Lady Death, given that Thanos refuses to give up wooing her. Thanos also famously annoyed Death so much, that she made Thanos immortal, never to meet a woman of his desire.


On the other hand, her powers do not work on Wade, whose time is limited by his own healing factor, making it impossible to spend time with Lady Death for more than a few moments.

While the MCU might be a little too grounded to explore such concepts, Deadpool is a property that can look into such concepts, bringing back Josh Brolin in the iconic role, albeit in a more villainous light. Further, if Brolin were to return for the role, Deadpool would have plenty of opportunities to crack jokes, since Brolin has also played Cable, another ally of Wade, who appeared as one of the principal characters of Deadpool 2.

Deadpool and Deadpool 2 can be streamed on Disney+


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