Deadpool 3: Taylor Swift Can Still Play 1 Marvel Role With Ease Despite No-Show at the Super Bowl Trailer

Don't count Taylor Swift out as MCU's Dazzler just yet

Deadpool 3: Taylor Swift Can Still Play 1 Marvel Role With Ease Despite No-Show at the Super Bowl Trailer


  • Taylor Swift's Dazzler role still possible despite no Deadpool 3 trailer reveal
  • Could cameo in final film cut or appear in future MCU project
  • A busy tour schedule poses a challenge but Reynolds is confident in her
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Despite rumors and fan speculation, pop icon Taylor Swift did not make an appearance in the Deadpool 3 teaser trailer that premiered during Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII. But that doesn’t necessarily rule out Swift nabbing the role of Dazzler in the upcoming Marvel sequel.

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For months, fans and scoopers alike have theorized that Swift could be playing the light-manipulating mutant Dazzler in the next Deadpool film. Direct connections between Swift and Deadpool 3 creatives, along with the singer’s physical resemblance to the comic book character, have fueled rumors that Swift is taking her first dive into Marvel.


So if Swift isn’t in the Super Bowl trailer, is her MCU future doomed? Not so soon.

Could Taylor Swift Still Cameo as Dazzler?

Deadpool waving in Deadpool, the first movie

While the Deadpool 3 trailer didn’t deliver the Taylor-as-Dazzler reveal some may have hoped for, it was only a teaser giving the most basic plot information. With reshoots still underway and plenty of unused footage, there’s room for Taylor Swift to make the final theatrical cut when the threequel drops next year.


According to The Direct, in fact, director Shawn Levy himself has hinted that fans will “have to wait and see” regarding Swift’s possible casting. Star Ryan Reynolds also acknowledged hearing “that one,” asking listeners to wait for answers on July 26, 2024, the new release date for Deadpool 3.

For now, it seems Swift making a cameo or small supporting turn as the mutant songstress isn’t fully off the table. Whether she appears on-screen or simply contributes a Dazzler musical number, fans could still get the Taylor Swift/Marvel crossover they’ve anticipated thanks to cryptic teases from the filmmakers themselves.


Could Taylor Swift Play Dazzler in Another MCU Project?

Taylor Swift - Miss Americana trailer
Taylor Swift – Miss Americana trailer

Even if Swift doesn’t materialize in the upcoming Merc with a Mouth threequel, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of her portrayal of Dazzler in a future Marvel Studios project.

Once Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox was finalized, mutants like Dazzler were suddenly on the table for Marvel chief Kevin Feige. Rumor has it that Dazzler is a favorite character of Feige’s making an MCU appearance for the disco mutant seem inevitable.


While Deadpool 3 would have been a seamless entry point, there are still plenty of upcoming X-Men adjacent films and shows primed for a Dazzler introduction. Once the Multiverse Saga wraps up, fans could still get Swift as Dazzler in an X-Men reboot movie, Disney+ series, or even an animated show.

Does Taylor Swift Even Have Time for Marvel with Her Tour Schedule?

Taylor Swift in a still from Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour
Taylor Swift in a still from Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

As excitement builds for a potential Taylor Swift/Marvel team-up, some logistical hurdles still remain regarding the singer’s packed schedule.


Swift is currently embarking on her record-breaking Eras Tour across the United States and international dates through 2025. With a jam-packed concert schedule and planning not one but two headlining stadium shows at Soldier Field, could Swift even carve out time for a Marvel acting gig?

Yet Swift is no stranger to major acting roles amid a busy touring cycle, having starred in films like Valentine’s Day and Cats around extensive touring over the years. If anyone can balance a major concert trek with cameos as an alien pop star, it’s the ever-efficient Swift.


The clock is ticking for a Swift/Dazzler reveal when Deadpool 3 releases next summer. But whether or not Swift ultimately manifests as the Marvel disco diva, fans can rest assured knowing this likely isn’t the last we’ve heard of the pop icon potentially entering the MCU.


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