Deadpool & Wolverine CinemaCon Footage Reveals an Avenger Cameo – It’s Not Robert Downey Jr.

Chris Hemsworth will be seen crying over a dying Deadpool

Deadpool & Wolverine CinemaCon Footage Reveals an Avenger Cameo – It’s Not Robert Downey Jr.


  • Deadpool & Wolverine is Marvel's sole theatrical entry this year.
  • Chris Hemsworth's Thor will be seen making a cameo in Deadpool 3.
  • Many other actors from previous X-Men movies are rumored to be in Deadpool 3.
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Deadpool & Wolverine, the only theatrical project to be released this year from Marvel Studios, has a lot riding on its shoulders. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in the titular roles, the movie will see many old faces coming back to the fold. Recently, director Shawn Levy and Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige were at CinemaCon, where an almost 10-minute long footage from the movie was shown. And to the surprise of many, an OG Avenger made the trip to Deadpool land.

Deadpool & Wolverine is the sole theatrical MCU release of the year
Deadpool & Wolverine is the sole theatrical MCU release of the year

After Avengers: Endgame, two out of six OG Avengers bid goodbye to the MCU – Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’ Captain America. Scarlett Johansson too said farewell to her role of Black Widow soon after with her standalone movie, Black Widow (2021). Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, and Chris Hemsworth are still part of the MCU, but their stories are seemingly getting sidelined to make room for newer characters. But, in the most recent footage of Deadpool & Wolverine, fans saw Chris Hemsworth’s Thor making a cameo.

Not Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, Another OG Avenger Will Be In Deadpool & Wolverine

Chris Hemsworth in and as Thor
Chris Hemsworth in and as Thor

Chris Hemsworth has been playing the MCU’s God of Thunder since his Marvel debut with Thor (2011). Since then, he has made multiple appearances in the franchise as the Asgardian warrior, with his last one being in 2022’s Thor: Love and Thunder. Now, he will be making another appearance in the franchise with Deadpool & Wolverine. In the CinemaCon footage, Thor can be seen crying over Ryan Reynolds‘ Deadpool, who has half his mask ripped and looks to be close to death.


Matthew Macfadyen, who plays the TVA agent named Paradox, talking of this “distant future,” tells Deadpool that he was not supposed to see that. Speculating about this scene, we can theorize that this is probably from the Avengers: Secret Wars timeline, where Deadpool and Thor would join forces against the Big Bad of the Multiverse Saga.

If the BattleWorld storyline from the Secret Wars comics is really adapted for the movie, then it will see heroes from different universes coming together to fight a common foe. So, to see Thor upset over the possible death of Deadpool is not too far-fetched.

Deadpool & Wolverine Will Possibly Have Many Other Cameos

Deadpool & Wolverine will be Marvel’s first official foray into the land of mutants, even though we had a little click-bait with Kamala Khan’s Ms Marvel previously. With Disney having acquired 20th Century Fox, Marvel finally has the authority to use the X-Men IP and incorporate the characters into their MCU canon. We already know Aaron Sanford and Jennifer Garner will reprise their roles of Pyro and Elektra from their previous movies, alongside Hugh Jackman.

Aaron Stanford as Pyro in Deadpool & Wolverine
Aaron Stanford as Pyro in Deadpool & Wolverine.

The characters of Sabertooth and Toad, who were previously played by Tyler Mane and Ray Park respectively, are also part of the movie, though whether the actors will be reprising their roles or not is yet to be confirmed. Some other X-Men characters, like Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, Ian McKellen’s Magneto, Halle Berry’s Storm, James Marsden’s Cyclops, and Nicholas Hoult’s Beast are also speculated to be in the movie. And another pretty big rumor states that Taylor Swift will play the role of the mutant Dazzler in Deadpool 3. Although, none of it is confirmed by the studio or the representatives of these actors.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to be released in theatres on July 26.

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