“Definitely wanted to get his phone number”: Harry Potter Star Helped a Shy Kate Winslet Get Intimate With James Bond Director She Later Married

Harry Potter Star Helped a Shy Kate Winslet Get Intimate With James Bond Director She Later Married
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Harry Potter is most definitely one of the most successful projects that Emma Thompson has done. This is quite a big deal considering how successful that franchise was. The actress is better known through her work in other projects. For example, Love Actually, Saving Mr. Banks, Sense and Sensibility, and The Remains of the Day. Through works like this, the actress established herself as a truly exceptionally talented individual, which has helped her gain immense respect in the industry as well as winning a number of awards like winning an Academy Award twice.

Professor Sybil Trelawney in Harry Potter
Emma Thompson in Harry Potter

It would seem that outside of acting and screenwriting, Thompson also loves to play Cupid. The reason for this statement is the fact that the Oscar-winning actress had a big role to play when it came to the marriage of another Oscar-winning actress. The actress in question is the extremely well-known and talented Kate Winslet

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How Did Kate Winslet Meet Her Husband?

Kate Winslet, best known for her work in projects like Titanic, The Reader, Mare of Easttown, and the Avatar franchise, and, Sam Mendes, a director, best known for directing projects like Skyfall, were married to each other for quite a long while, separating in 2011. Winslet during an interview with Vanity Fair, revealed the story of how the two ended up getting together. The actress mentioned that it all started after Mendes saw the actress in her 2001 film, Iris.

Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet
Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet

The director was so taken by Winslet’s performance in the film that he desperately wanted her to star in one of his plays. Wanting to make this happen, Mendes tried to cast her into plays that he was directing at London’s Donmar Warehouse theatre. Even though the actress did not have time in her schedule to star in plays, she agreed to meet him as it would be odd to say no when Sam Mendes asks to meet someone.

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Harry Potter Actress Emma Thompson Helped Kate Winslet Make This Decision

Upon meeting Sam Mendes, Kate Winslet was immediately smitten. The actress revealed that, though she wasn’t all too interested in starring in his plays, she was, however, interested in getting his number. The actress revealed that she “didn’t want to do the plays, definitely wanted to get his phone number.”

Despite this nothing really moved forward for the two until, according to Vanity Fair, Winslet’s Sense and Sensibility, co-star, Emma Thompson stepped in.

Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson

Thompson invited both Winslet and Mendes to a casual barbeque that was hosted at her house. Here she made sure that the two would accidentally and naturally bump into each other. This would result in them having a conversation with each other, which would potentially need something more. This is exactly what happened as the two got married in 2003 and went on to have a son named Joe Mendes.


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Source: Vanity Fair


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