Demon Slayer Gives Promising Update as Anticipation for Season 4 Rises Even More

The Demon Slayer fandom is speculating season 4 with the latest official announcement.

Demon Slayer Gives Promising Update as Anticipation for Season 4 Rises Even More


  • The official X (formerly Twitter) page of Demon Slayer posted about an upcoming announcement on Sunday, 9:00 P.M. December 10, 2023.
  • The news about the upcoming announcement has made the fans jump over in excitement with a potential speculation surrounding the return of the anime for season 4.
  • The fans have been eagerly waiting for Demon Slayer season 4, and even though nothing has been revealed, the upcoming announcement might be a sneak peek into the Hashira Training arc.
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The craze surrounding Demon Slayer is growing with each passing day. With the announcement of a promising update in December, the expectations seem to skyrocket. The manga finished started its serialization in 2016 and wrapped up by May 2020. In 2019, the manga was adapted into an anime and till now, has had three seasons.


The story of a boy in search of a cure for his sister and avenging the death of his family may be heard of, but Koyoharu Gotouge’s magic touch has made it unique to other anime with related plots. Demon Slayer season 3 aired earlier in 2023, and with the upcoming announcement, the fandom is speculating a potential news about season 4 is inbound for them.

Demon Slayer Anouncement Send Fans Into a Frenzy

Inosuke Tanjiro and Zenitsu in Demon Slayer
Inosuke, Tanjiro, and Zenitsu in Demon Slayer

A few days back, Demon Slayer’s official account on X (formerly Twitter) posted that there will be a “Promotional Reel 2024”, released on December 10, 2023, at 9:00 P.M. Fuji TV will have nationwide broadcasting rights along with YouTube and other distribution services around the world. Since the announcement, there seems to be no end to speculations.



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Koyoharu Gotouge’s magnum opus is always followed by massive hype, and such an announcement at the year-end raises a few questions. The questions converge at one point, which ultimately leads to Demon Slayer season 4. The previous three seasons were very well done and managed to showcase the supernatural features as well as the emotional bonding of the characters. On top of that, the action sequences were just too good *Chef’s Kiss*.


More on Demon Slayer

The upcoming announcements could be showing glimpses of season 4, or it could be the trailer launch of the upcoming season, or might be something else. Demon Slayer season 4 will most likely include the Hashira Training arc, where Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira will undergo harsh training under the Hashira in three different segments.

Hashira - Demon Slayer

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The Hashira Training arc will be an important one in the course of the story since it will help them develop their inner and outer strengths that will be helpful in the final battle against the Upper Moons and Kibutsuji Muzan. Considering the pattern between the Demon Slayer seasons, season 4 is most likely to debut in 2024, with a sneak peek in the upcoming announcement.

Kibutsuji Muzan
Kibutsuji Muzan

For the moment, nothing can be told for sure. While it is difficult for the fans to hold in their excitement, they are somehow being patient till Sunday, December 10, 2023. Demon Slayer is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix for streaming.

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