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Denzel Washington’s Equalizer 3 Beats Barbie, Oppenheimer, Blue Beetle With Monumental Labor Day Box Office Collection – Can it Save Hollywood Like Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick?

Denzel Washington's Equalizer 3 Beats Barbie, Oppenheimer, Blue Beetle With Monumental Labor Day Box Office Collection - Can it Save Hollywood Like Tom Cruise's Top Gun: Maverick?

Denzel Washington’s action-packed thriller The Equalizer 3 has roared into the Labor Day weekend with a box office triumph sending shockwaves through Hollywood. As audiences eagerly returned to theaters, the fan-favorite star and his adrenaline-fueled performance propelled the film to a jaw-dropping $42 million, snatching victory from the jaws of competitors like Oppenheimer, Blue Beetle, and even the iconic Barbie herself.

With the domestic summer box office surging past the $4 billion mark—a post-pandemic first—the burning question emerges: Can Denzel Washington’s Equalizer 3 pull off a Hollywood rescue mission akin to Tom Cruise’s dazzling success with Top Gun: Maverick?

Denzel Washington’s Resounding Triumph in Equalizer 3

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

The talented actor Denzel Washington has once again captivated audiences with his impressive performance on the big screen. The latest installment in the Equalizer trilogy, titled The Equalizer 3, features Washington in his familiar role as a former Marine and drug-enforcement agent.

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This time around, he battles a dangerous gang in the stunning scenery of southern Italy, providing viewers with his trademark charm and riveting action scenes. The movie is currently making waves at the box office.

Over the four-day weekend,  viewers appreciated the heart-pounding action, suspenseful storytelling, and Denzel Washington’s commanding performance, resulting in a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though The Equalizer 3 dominated the box office, it faced strong competition from other films.

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The Equalizer 3 Adds To Audiences’ Hope For Better Cinema


The beloved Barbie franchise held onto second place, earning an impressive $13.3 million. Barbie’s appeal goes beyond nostalgia and speaks to the enduring popularity of the iconic doll among audiences of all ages.

Blue Beetle, a daring DC superhero movie, remained in third place for the second consecutive weekend, earning $6.5 million. Although the film couldn’t match the explosive momentum of The Equalizer 3, Xolo Mariduena’s portrayal of the Beetle was well-received by audiences and added to the evolving superhero landscape.

Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer managed to carve out its own niche in its seventh weekend, securing fifth place with $7.5 million. The film’s fusion of historical drama and high-stakes tension keeps audiences captivated and highlights the director’s skill in tackling complex narratives.

The collective success of these films, fueled by audiences hungry for the magic of the big screen, has catapulted the domestic summer box office past an unprecedented milestone—the $4 billion mark.

Denzel Washington in Equalizer 3
Denzel Washington in Equalizer 3

Analyst David A. Gross aptly captured the sentiment, calling it a “fantastic result and another positive step for the industry.”  From action-packed thrillers to nostalgic doll tales, there’s a shared understanding that the allure of cinematic storytelling remains unmatched.

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The box office success of Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer 3 and the growing redemption narrative in Hollywood suggest a hopeful future for cinema. The summer box office has already surpassed $4 billion, proving that the cinematic experience is regaining its popularity.

Audiences are falling in love with the big screen once again, and there’s a renewed optimism for the future of movies. With every ticket sold, Hollywood’s future seems brighter and the magic of the movies is back.

Source: CNN

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