Despite Being the Best in the Survey Corps, Levi’s Fighting Style in Attack on Titan is Different than Anyone Else

Small yet mighty, Levi wields blades uniquely using a backhanded grip for agile which effectively helps him to combat against titans.

despite being the best in the survey corps, levi’s fighting style in attack on titan is different than anyone else


  • The Survey Corps, also called the Scout Regiment, is the primary group that battles Titans in Attack on Titan.
  • Levi Ackerman is considered the top scout in the Survey Corps, due to his unique skills in the battlefield
  • However, his combat style differs significantly from other Scouts, enabling him to effectively combat the Titans.
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In Attack on Titan, the Survey Corps, also known as the Scout Regiment, is the main group that fights Titans. They do more than just fight; they explore outside the walls, study Titans, and help humanity expand.

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Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

Over time, many Scouts have joined and died. Some were just minor members who quickly got killed by Titans. But some Scouts are exceptional, like Levi Ackerman.


Levi is the top Titan killer in the Survey Corps. He’s skilled in combat and street-smart due to his past. Despite being the best in the Survey Corps, Levi’s way of fighting in Attack on Titan is unique compared to others.

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The Secret Behind Levi’s Success in Battle Against the Beast Titan in Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman is the top-ranking member in the Survey Corps because of his exceptional skills in battling Titans. He’s incredibly agile using his ODM gear, and his experience and learning from Erwin have made him street-smart and strategic. Despite his small size, Levi is powerful in combat and emotionally resilient, dealing with regret and trauma while striving to do his best.

His distinct fighting style with blades stands out among other Scouts; he holds his right sword in a unique backhanded manner, allowing for circular, spinning motions that have proven effective in battles. This technique, coupled with his speed, even led to his victory against the Beast Titan in a one-on-one fight.

Levi slaughtering Beast Titan
Levi slaughtering Beast Titan

Fans really adore Levi and he’s the most favorite character of fans in the series. although fans are sad the series has ended. But instead of being sad, they should be happy it happened, especially given the different ending in the anime compared to the controversial one in the manga.

Spoiler Alert: This section of the article contains major spoiler for the final episode of Attack on Titan.


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Anime Adaptation Refines Story Details, Resolving Manga Inconsistencies

In the anime, Armin shows respect for his friend, Eren, taking responsibility for their actions. The anime also extended a conversation between Mikasa and Eren compared to the manga.


The timing of an important event differed between the two versions – in the anime, it suggested a longer period of peace after Eren’s actions.

Armin and Eren
Eren and Armin

However, some details were missed in the anime. In the manga, there was a hint that Mikasa and Eren had a child and visited Eren’s grave together, but the anime did not show this part.


Instead, it depicted Jean and Mikasa visiting the grave, leaving out the child. Later, Mikasa’s death due to old age was shown in both the manga and the anime.

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