Mikasa’s Hidden Potential was Hinted to Fans Much Earlier in Attack on Titan than they May Have Noticed

Mikasa's True Powers Were Foreshadowed in Season 1 of Attack on Titan.

mikasa's hidden potential was hinted to fans much earlier in attack on titan than they may have noticed


  • Attack on Titan is well-known among fans for its insane amount of foreshadowing.
  • Mikasa had trained to be a brilliant fighter from a young age, frequently tossing boys bigger than her with ease and building her reputation.
  • Mikasa's talents were one of the military's most significant advantages against the Titans.
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Attack on Titan is particularly well-known among fans for its ridiculous quantity of foreshadowing. There is always something to keep people interested in the show. Almost all plot twists and important events are hinted at in some fashion, and seemingly innocuous incidents and throwaway statements are discovered to be related to events that occur in the anime some years later. Also, Many of the series’ characters have many interesting details. One such foreshadowing is done in the case of Mikasa Ackerman, one of the most popular and strong characters of the series.

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mikasa always had a soft spot for eren
Mikasa Ackerman

Her hidden potential and her true strength were hinted to fans much earlier in the series than many fans might have noticed. This foreshadowing applauds Hajime Isayama’s creative skills and also explains why Attack on Titan became such a big anime.


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Mikasa Ackerman’s True Power and Potential in Attack on Titan

Mikasa had honed herself to be a great fighter at an early age, often throwing boys bigger than her with ease, establishing her reputation. Mikasa’s performance in every topic is flawless, proving that she is a true genius. She can easily knock down Titans with speed and efficiency when combined with her exceptional proficiency in 3D Maneuver Gear. This has led to her being referred to be a military genius and “worth a hundred ordinary soldiers” numerous times.

Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titans
Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is a member of the Ackerman clan, which has an “awakened power” that allows the Ackermans to demonstrate physical talents well beyond the typical human. This is because they were created as a result of the previous Eldian Empire’s experiments on Ymir’s subjects. They can wield Titanic power as mortals without becoming Titans. This ability was explained much later in the series, but it was already foreshadowed in Season 1.

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Mikasa’s Hidden Potential Foreshadowed in Season 1

When Eren summons Mikasa to fight in Season 1, her entire body, particularly her brain, is shown to undergo a metamorphosis, signaling the awakening of her Ackermann powers. Levi even called this into doubt later in the season. During the Uprising arc, Levi asks Mikasa if she has ever felt stronger than usual, after questioning if she is linked to Kenny. She laments feeling this burst of power in episode 6 while the traffickers are attempting to capture her. Levi then responds that he and Kenny have both had the same experience. Levi defines this power as knowing what needs to be done.

Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman

These abilities displayed by the Ackerman clan have been one of the biggest advantages the military had against the Titans and foreshadowing them so early in the series and later on bringing them back with much more description is one of the big reasons why Attack on Titan became such a big name in the anime world.


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