Despite No Entry into James Gunn’s DCU, Stephen Amell Wants to Turn His Superhero Franchise into a Trilogy

Stephen Amell shares desire to continue Code 8 franchise after doubts over Green Arrow return in the new DCU.

Despite No Entry into James Gunn’s DCU, Stephen Amell Wants to Turn His Superhero Franchise into a Trilogy


  • Stephen Amell reprises his role as Garrett Kelton in the Netflix sci-fi film Code 8: Part II.
  • While promoting the sequel, Amell shared his hopes to turn the franchise into a trilogy.
  • While Amell was open to the possibility, his condition to reprise the role rules out Green Arrow return.
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Code 8: Part II is gearing up for a release on Netflix, and sees the return of Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell to lead the cast. The film is a sequel to the 2019 feature film Code 8, which itself was based on a short film of the same name. While promoting the movie, former Arrow star Stephen Amell spoke about the upcoming film.

Arrow star Stephen Amell is cast as lead in Suits L.A.
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in Arrow

Amell is best known for his work as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in The CW’s Arrow. However, it seems unlikely that Amell would reprise the role in James Gunn’s rebooted DCU. Nonetheless, Amell is already planning on having one superhero franchise in his filmography at least for the foreseeable future. Here is what Amell said about the future of Code 8.

Stephen Amell Talks Wanting to Make Code 8 a Trilogy

Code 8 started off as a science-fiction short film produced by cousins Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell. The short film was turned into a feature film with superhero elements with the Amells playing the lead roles. It was distributed digitally by Netflix. A sequel was announced in 2021 and is set to debut directly on Netflix.

Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell
Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell in Code 8: Part II

While promoting Code 8: Part II, Smell spoke with ABC Audio (via Willmar Radio) and shared his feelings on what started as a short film becoming a franchise. Amell thanked fans for their support and praised them for taking ownership of the first movie.

“If they supported the first movie, they still feel like they have ownership in the second movie. So then hopefully we can make a third.”

Amell’s words hint that there are at least preliminary plans to expand Code 8 into a trilogy. However, the chances of a third installment getting greenlit will hinge on the audience’s reaction to the sequel. As a result, if Code 8: Part II proves to be a success, a third film to complete the trilogy could materialize sometime in the future.

Stephen Amell Addresses Returning as Green Arrow For James Gunn’s DCU

While Amell seems dedicated to completing the Code 8 trilogy, he has also spoken up about potentially returning to another superhero franchise after playing the role of Oliver Queen / Green Arrow on television for a decade.

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell in a still from Arrow (2012-2020)

Amell first played the role in 2012, as Arrow went on to start an interconnected franchise of DC properties. He most recently reprised the role in the final season of The Flash, which concluded in May last year.

When Amell was asked whether he would return to play Green Arrow in James Gunn‘s newly rebooted DCU, Amell did not close the door on the possibility. However, Amell stated that he would only be willing to return after he had seen some footage from the franchise before committing to it.

“I think it would be really helpful to maybe see like a frame of footage from one of the movies before I decide if I want to be a part of it.”

Amell stated the above during a conversation with MovieWeb. He also added that he would be fine if James Gunn decided not to call him up for the part. Considering Gunn hasn’t been eager to bring back any of the actors from previous iterations of the DC Universe for his new franchise, it seems unlikely that Amell would be asked to return.


At the same time, Amell was recently cast in an LA-based spin-off of Suits. Hence, it seems like the days of wielding a bow and arrow and fighting crime are behind Amell. However, Amell still has the Code 8 franchise to return to if he feels the need to jump back into the science-fiction and superhero genres.

Code 8 is streaming on Netflix while Code 8: Part II debuts on February 28, 2024.

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