Did Stranger Things Cast Just Confirm Will Loves Mike?


Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 came out on Netflix on May 27. It is one of the most popular shows on the streaming platform. The supernatural-thriller show follows a group of young teenagers who try to get to the bottom of strange happenings in their town, Hawkins. The series also involves some romantic storylines as well. But now fans are speculating that Will loves Mike. The series’ fans have wondered about Will’s sexuality. But the series has yet not addressed it. Will was the reason, the squad discovered the Upside Down but he himself was not a highlight in the show. But maybe this season would let us a little about his love life.

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Does Will Byers love Mike Wheeler?

Does Will Byers love Mike Wheeler
Does Will Byers love Mike Wheeler?

In a recent video featuring – David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder and Caleb McLaughlin the celebs talked about Will’s love life. They were answering fan theories related to the new season. A fan had speculated that there will be secret romance between Will Byers and Eleven. It also included that Mike would not know about it. But the cast was quick to shut it down.

Will wants to play DandD with Mike for the rest of his life Stranger Things cast
David Harbour and Finn Wolfhard were dropping quite close hints to the fact

They also disclosed that the fans would soon find out about who Will likes. Also, shared that his love interest is someone in the group. David Harbour said, “If you’ve been watching the show you should know that Will is…not interested in El.” Finn Wolfhard continued, “Yeah, you’ll see soon…who he’s interested in,” to which Harbour further added, “He’s very interested.”

Stranger Things cast talked further on his interest

The actors discussed that the romance between Eleven and Will is not possible as there is no base to it. The two consider each other brother and sister, they share a sibling like bond. So the clues being dropped about the love triangle instantly means that Will has a thing for Mike. David Harbour and Finn Wolfhard were dropping quite close hints to the fact.

Stranger Things cast talk about Will's love interest
Will gets jealous of Eleven at the ice rink

David Harbour said, “Will wants to be in the basement with Mike playing D&D for the rest of his life.” Wolfhard confirms the statement, “Exactly, and he’s said that.” It is sad to see now Will go through a heartbreak, as Mike is in love with Eleven. The two were into each other since season 1. Will even painted Mike, but was too afraid to give it to him at the airport.

Now, Stranger Things is set in 1980’s and it would be really hard for Will to come out.


Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 is coming out on July 1, 2022.

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