‘Disney executives being cheap again’: After Underpaying VFX Artists, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader Bow Out of Inside Out 2 After Tiny 100K Salary Offer With No Bonuses

Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling not returning in inside out 2

When it comes to Inside Out 2, the second installment to a renowned, fan-favorite 2015 animated film produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures, two eminent personalities who were a brilliant addition to the original film are not set to return — Mindy Kaling, who voiced the emotion of Disgust, and Bill Hader, who voiced Fear. The reason? Something Disney is notoriously known for: underpaying its artists.

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Pixar’s Inside Out

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According to recent reports and speculations, Disney’s sequel to Inside Out will be one such exciting reveal which will officially witness its announcement at the D23 Expo. However, with the exclusion of two voice stars, fans are growing wary of the company’s bewildering decisions.

Bill Hader And Mindy Kaling Will Not Return To Inside Out 2

Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling Not In Inside Out 2
Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling, who is renowned for her dynamic, comedic range, has been involved in remarkable endeavors like The Office, The Mindy Project, Never Have I Ever, etcOn the other hand, Bill Hader has starred in enigmatic projects such as Barry, It Chapter 2, and Trainwreck, among other astoundingly creative attempts. There is no denying the innovative caliber possessed by the two actors.


The two are exceptionally great at voice acting, as well, with their stupendously magnificent performance in 2015’s Inside Out deeply moving the audience of that time. To imagine a world where Fear and Disgust would not be voiced by either is quite appalling. Much to everyone’s dismay, the two have stepped away from Inside Out 2, following reports of insufficient salary offers.

Disgust, Anger, and Fear in Inside Out (2015)
Disgust, Anger, and Fear in Inside Out (2015)

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Allegedly, Amy Poehler, who is the voice of Joy, is receiving a $5 million salary. Moreover, the rest of the voice actors were only being offered a sum of $100,000 as compensation. This included Kaling and Hader. To make matters worse, Poehler is reportedly enjoying additional fees and bonuses, which the others have been deprived of.

Following the decision of the two actors who declined Disney’s offer, the company planned to up the amount of salary it was initially willing to give. However, as per the report, the extended amount was not enough to bring Hader and Kaling back for Inside Out 2. 

Riley Family Inside Out
Riley’s family, Inside Out

Disney, who was previously under fire by the Internet following the news of overworked, underpaid VFX artists, has chosen to undermine the value of distinguished voice actors and professionals, resorting to tactics that people have been terming as “cheap.”

Fans React To The News, Call Disney Cheap

Inside Out Characters
Fans of Inside Out react to the news

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The reputation that has been earned by The Walt Disney Company, following an array of reports and rumors that claim their workers and artists have been deprived of proper remuneration, is neither flowery nor magical. Fans and the general masses are growing uneasy with every report that barely scrapes the surface, the tip of what constitutes a stupendous iceberg of egregious mistreatment towards the creatives, spanning across time and history.

Take a look at the fans’ reaction:




As people continue to express their disappointment, what comes off as the most disheartening aspect of this situation is the rampant normalization of substandard work ethics and compensation tactics prevalent in Hollywood. Barring Disney, many other multinational entertainment corporations and mass media conglomerates have stuck with wage practices that serve as an insult to the talented professionals of the media business.

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While the narrative future of Pixar’s Inside Out 2 remains under the shadows, fans earnestly expect and look forward to Disney’s D23 Expo for official confirmations on the much-awaited sequel. It will soon be seen how the studios manage to tweak the characters of Fear and Disgust. Will they cast new voice actors or will the story be changed accordingly?

Only time will tell.


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