Inside Out: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About This Pixar Movie


Pixar’s Inside Out was released in 2015, but even after seven years, it is still pulling at our heartstrings. It is one of the timeless flicks that fans can watch over and over and still get that existential crisis feeling every time. That’s actually a good thing because it makes us step back and re-evaluate ourselves.

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There are a lot of interesting facts about the film that some fans might be unaware of. Pixar likes to use a lot of resources to create one-of-a-kind movies. Most of us don’t get to see the behind-the-scenes but fret no more – here are a couple of trivia about Inside Out:


Riley’s Voice Actor Imagined Her Pet Dying

Riley Inside Out

Acting is a serious business. For voice actors, there is no difference whether there is a camera or not – they have to act all out. Voice actor Kaitlyn Dias, who voiced Riley, shares that her tears were real. Her technique to cry on cue is to imagine her cat succumbing to death. This will make it easy for her to trigger the tears.


While it could be a bit of mental torture, actors have to find their way to deliver the best performance. We hope Kaitlyn made her pet cat proud!

There Was Supposed To Be A Villain

Gloom Inside Out


Inside Out is one of the Pixar films where there is no specific villain. The writers initially intended to include an antagonist named Gloom. The early scripts would have Gloom try to bring everyone down and destroy Riley’s island.

Later on, they realized that Gloom pretty much resembles depression. However, the writers did not want to convey and emphasize that the issue of depression is easily removed in just one swoop. In the end, they decided to get rid of the character.


The Film Is Dedicated To One Of Its Former Staff

Riley Family Inside Out

We usually see dedications at the end of movies, and this is one of the best ways to honor their contributions to the industry and the company as well. Inside Out was dedicated to Brian Smits, a former software engineer at Pixar. He also worked on other animated films such as Up, Brave, and The Incredibles.


Unfortunately, he passed away in 2013. He was definitely a huge loss to the studio, but his works will forever remain in the hearts of the fans.

It Had Different Titles Across The World

Inside Out Characters


Movies often have various titles in certain countries. While most of us know it as Inside Out, it had different names in foreign markets. In Spain, they called it Del Revés (Reverse) while in Latin America, it is called Intensa Mente (Intense Mind). In Russia, it is titled головоломка (Brain Breaker), and in China, it is 玩轉腦朋友 (Fun with Brain Friends).

The Movie Originally Had 27 Emotions

Inside Out Pixar 4


It’s difficult to imagine creating 27 emotions in one film. They wanted to add Pride, Envy, Trust, and even a Schadenfreude. It will only confuse the audience, and it will be quite taxing for the production crew. This is why they narrowed it down to five emotions.


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