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Pixar: 5 Common Things In All Movies

Pixar 5 Common Things In All Movies

As one of the most popular creative studios in the movie industry, Pixar continues to bring joy and entertainment to fans all over the world. It has inspired a lot of small creative industries to keep the art of animation alive. Apart from its true-to-life storytelling and aesthetic visual effects, there are a couple of things that all Pixar films have in common.

These similarities can be considered as Pixar’s trademarks and they all exist across platforms. What makes a Pixar movie so great is its consistency and connection with other movies of its kind. Each film bridges to another franchise and this creates a universe of its own.


A113 Pixar

This is one of the most important classrooms in the California Institute of the Arts where Pixar first started. Most of the university’s alumni worked at Pixar, and they served as the foundations of the studio. To honor this, they discreetly integrated the A113 in all of the films.

It is more like customary for them to include it somewhere in the storyboard, whether as a signage or car plate number, or in a shirt of a character. This has also become an easter egg for fans to keep an eye on while watching.

Iconic Pixar Introduction

Pixar Logo

Studios these days have their own iconic trademark introductions, such as Marvel with its familiar theme song or the Walt Disney opening clip. Pixar, over the years, has developed its own and it remains one of the most notable intros.

The audience remembers it as the lamp jumping on the letter “I” on Pixar which is actually a reference to the short film Luxo Jr. that started it all. Pixar continues to honor its humble beginnings and will do so every time they produce new projects.

Easter Eggs

Pixar Easter Eggs

Adding easter eggs has become a common technique in films nowadays. It adds mystery and gives out hints that people will certainly talk about. Just like other Disney companies such as Marvel, Pixar loves to tease its fans.

An example of an easter egg would be The Incredibles poster in Coco, or Nemo in Monsters, Inc. This provides us proof that these characters somehow live in a shared universe or at least exist in the same timeline.

For All Ages

Inside Out

People who say Pixar movies are just for kids have never known the true meaning of fun. These animated films are designed for all ages, and it appeals to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or status. They are made to reflect humanity and the meaning of life.

One can easily notice how each film always deals with family, friendship, and self-acceptance. These are universal matters that occur to all of us. This is why Pixar movies are made for the general audience.

Fresh Scores

Pixar Rotten Tomatoes

Most Pixar pictures have won several awards and are rated Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. This signifies the quality and excellence of work put into the creation process.

Award-winning writers and directors, as well as production staff and voice actors, work hand in hand to produce only the best animated films dedicated to Pixar fans!

Written by Ariane Cruz

I write feature articles for FandomWire, mostly focusing on Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Netflix, HBO, and Hollywood news.