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Pixar: 5 Animated Movies That Need Part Two

Every year, Pixar gives us new animated movie releases to look forward to. While most fans would love to discover new tales and characters, some would prefer to see their old, beloved characters. Sequels are an important part of a franchise because they keep the story alive and going. However, some Pixar films are either presented as standalone or have not warranted a second film due to budget reasons.

Some Pixar films are so good, though, and fans have been crossing their fingers that the company would reconsider a second chance for each of them. Here are some popular animated films that have not gotten their much-deserved sequels:


Up Pixar

This story of friendship between a widowed old man and a young schoolboy had us all laughing and crying. The story is as pure as Ellie and Carl’s love for each other. It is heartbreaking, and it makes you realize the value of time.

While many would agree that this should be left as a standalone film, other fans are also wishing for a sequel called, “Down,” which is a very clever and fitting title. The story would introduce Walter, now all grown up, going through life and dealing with the passing of Carl.


Coco Disney pixar

The musical animated movie has touched so many hearts with its wonderful music and inspiring story. It has captivated audiences around the world and is the perfect spooky Halloween movie. Although the film is created as a standalone, its success certainly warrants a sequel.

The lead character, Miguel, becomes an adult and is now the head of their family. He makes sure that their tradition, Dia De Los Muertos, is remembered and passed down to the younger generations of their family.


Brave Merida Pixar

One of the most underrated Pixar movies, Brave is not the typical damsel in distress story. It has explored so many aspects that Pixar has never tried before. The film is set in medieval Scotland with traditional Celtic music as soundtracks. The movie is heavily rooted in the Scottish culture which makes it unique and refreshing to watch.

Merida deserves a story that will truly bring out her best potential, a sequel wherein she becomes the unconventional Queen of DunBroch. It would be cool to see her fight real battles and use her archery skill to its fullest.

Inside Out

Inside Out

One thing that makes Inside Out relatable to all ages is the portrayal of human emotions. Everyone has complex feelings and seeing them in characters, talking to one another, just makes so much sense. This is why the movie needs to have a follow-up.

The sequel may present a new character, an emotion that Riley has never felt before. In this movie, she is now grown-up. And in adulthood, no one tells you that you get to feel things all at once.


Ratatouille Pixar

Ratatouille is a long-time old favorite Disney movie, and it is about time it gets a sequel. The musical adaptation only hyped the fans for a new film. While they have neatly wrapped up the first movie, for sure, they could give fans a peek at how the new kitchen is doing.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.