Disney’s Encanto Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Didn’t Know

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Just like the enchanting world of Disney’s Encanto, the production behind the globally successful animated film is just as magical! From the interesting selection of cast down to the catchy melodious tunes, it’s a film that will captivate the audience’s hearts regardless of age!


Disney’s Encanto is the 60th animated movie production from the studio and is the first foreign title that absolutely lives up to its meaning. Combining Colombian culture and the studio’s signature visual storytelling, the movie went through rigorous preparations and executions. Here are some trivia about the movie for fans who have deeply enjoyed it (and for those who are planning to watch it):

Detailed Arrangement Of Music

Lin-Manuel Miranda


The main composer Lin-Manuel Miranda worked so much on putting details into the music. It took him years to study Colombian rhythms and how he could incorporate the storytelling in them. He also had to find the perfect instruments to accompany the songs.

Miranda explained Mirabel’s waltz song that has to be specifically “out of time” which denotes her character as the only one that does not have powers. Each song associated with a character has to bring out their personalities while keeping the harmony.

Based On True Story



The writers of the Encanto shared that they sought help from Colombian experts about the displacement issue in their culture and their feelings towards it. This helped the writers plant the characters’ emotions through the use of magical realism and true-to-life influences.

Encanto is based on the real-life aspects of Colombian culture and the people’s narratives. The movie intends to raise awareness and make an impact while maintaining that dreamlike Disney magic.

Five Years In The Making



It’s all about perfecting the art. From the storyboards, scripts, musical performances, actors, and promotions – everything has to be done to the highest standard possible. Disney’s Encanto was five years in the making, and Lin-Manuel Miranda saw that it is his next big project.

The main reason for its long production was the research on the cultural area of Latin America. They chose Colombia for its vibrant intersection between magic and culture. Its long-standing history served as the foundation for the film’s message.

Spells And Superstitions

Uncle Bruno Encanto


Because the movie is all about magic, it’s inevitable not to talk about the actors’ own experiences. John Leguizamo, who voiced Uncle Bruno, says that he is quite a superstitious person. This is why he identifies so much with his character. In an interview, he mentioned that as a theater actor, you become very superstitious for the fear that something might go wrong.

He shared that during his theater days, they were not allowed to whistle or mention the cursed Scottish play (Macbeth) inside the theater, or anything that can cause misfortune to the production.

First Latinx Disney Movie



Disney has been doing a great job at making movies with diverse stories. With films like Moana and Raya and the Last Dragon honoring their own cultural roots, Encanto focuses on Latinx characters. It is a huge feat for all the Disney fans around the world to see their culture and traditions represented on the big screen!


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