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“Do what you want. It’s your movie”: Michael J. Fox Won’t Return in Back to the Future Reboot, Says Original $961M Franchise is Unbeatable

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The wildly successful, masterpiece that is Back to the Future is an integral part of the childhood of many. The three-movie series is about a 17-year-old high school student, Marty McFly, who gets lost in 1955 by an accident, 30 years back in time. Stuck in a battle against the clock, Marty takes the help of his friend Dr. Emmet Brown, to find his way back to his future in 1985.

Is Back to the Future 4 Happening?

With classic franchises like Twilight and Harry Potter getting rebooted into new versions, it is only natural that another that kind, the classic sci-fi movie series Back to the Future, may just get its own reboot. Fans online are completely opposed to the idea including Marty himself; Michael J. Fox. He had a lot to say about the possible future of the franchise.

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Michael J. Fox’s Thoughts on a Back to the Future Reboot

Michael J. Fox recently did an interview with Variety magazine where he talked about the possibility of a reboot for the cult-classic movie franchise, Back to the Future. The actor stated that he believes the reboot to be inevitable but he would like no part in it. He also mentioned that Robert Zemeckis, the trilogy’s director and writer, and his co-writer, Bob Gale, wouldn’t be down with it either.

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Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in Back to the Future

“I don’t think it needs to be,” Fox added. “I think Bob and Bob have been really smart about that. I don’t think it needs rebooting because are you going to clarify something? You’re going to find a better way to tell the story? I doubt it.”  and when asked about a possible sequal, “Right after ‘Part Three’ had done well, there might have been conversations about it, but I never got involved in them.”

The actor believes that there is no need for a reboot as the story ended on a satisfying note. He also went on to say that he would be interested in making a sequel if a worthwhile story were to come around.

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Fans’ Reaction to a Possible Reboot for Back to the Future

After hearing the news of a possible reboot for the classic that is Back to the Future, fans quickly went onto Twitter to shape their feelings towards the idea. The reactions seen were mainly negative. Fans were completely opposed to the idea, going on to say that this could ruin the franchise. They also mentioned how the original is already perfect and does not need to be touched.

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Even though Back to the Future might not be back on screen any time soon, it is being reimagined as a Broadway musical. We will not be seeing Fox in it but he will be cheering from the side.

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