Doctor Strange 2: Actors Perfect For Playing Mephisto, Rumored Main Villain

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Mephisto can be called the Marvel Universe’s Satan, or, to be more precise, the Marvel Multiverse’s Satan, because he does not come from a single dimension. He is a nefarious devil who has been accused of doing some of the most heinous and horrible atrocities against a variety of Marvel characters. Johnny Blaze was transformed into the Ghost Rider thanks to Mephisto’s most famous contract. Here are 5 actors who can take on this role and do justice to it:


1. Tony Todd popular as ‘Candyman’:

One of the popular actors, who is perfect to play Mephisto.
American actor who portrayed Kurn in Star Trek.

This might be the easiest choice for the role. Tony Todd has portrayed dark characters on several occasions. He was first known as the terrifying Candyman from the 1990s franchise, a monster that scares us till today. In the Final Destination films, he also played the mysterious Mr. Bludworth. Tony Todd is also six feet five inches tall. Thus,  Marvel Studios can have an actor that can loom over the MCU heroes if they don’t CGI Mephisto. Even if they do, he still possesses a voice that can make your hair stand on end.

2. Bruce Campbell best-known for Evil Dead movies:

One of the popular actors, who is perfect to play Mephisto.
American actor, director, producer and writer.

Bruce Campbell is most known for his role as Ash in the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness flicks, which has earned him a cult fanbase. Campbell’s slick personality, as well as the spooky elements of his previous roles, could be useful here. He clearly has the acting skills to pull Mephisto’s role off. Yes, it would be an unusual casting decision, but it’s one that could work.


3. Evan McGregor of ‘Lipstick on Your Collar’ fame:

One of the popular actors, who is perfect to play Mephisto.
Scottish actor who has starred in numerous film and musical roles.

It’s a bit amusing that Evan McGregor is most remembered for portraying a hero in the Star Wars films, but he ended up playing a villain in the DC films. More interestingly, he just nailed the job. Now, given how good a villain he was in Birds of Prey, subjecting him to the greatest challenge by starring him as the worst villain ever would be a fascinating experiment. Thus, we think McGregor would be fantastic as Mephisto in the MCU.

4. Al Pacino of ‘The Godfather’ fame:

One of the popular actors, who is perfect to play Mephisto.
Popular American actor and filmmaker.

At the Venice Film Festival in 2014, Pacino gushed about Guardians of the Galaxy and revealed to the audience that he wanted to work with Marvel. With Pacino’s Marvel fandom out in the open, fan suggestions started flooding in, and Mephisto appeared on nearly every person’s list, because of Pacino’s iconic act in The Devil’s Advocate. Even though this isn’t your typical Mephisto, we’re confident Pacino would be fantastic in it.

5. Mark Sheppard of ‘Supernatural’ fame:

One of the popular actors, who is perfect to play Mephisto.
Famous actor, director and producer.

If someone has all the credentials to play this villain, it is Mark Sheppard. He played a demon at a crossroads and then the Ruler of Hell. He portrayed the character of Crowley in Supernatural for over a decade. Mark Sheppard has also proven that he is capable of doing so on a PG-13 level. Not only in Supernatural but also in Leverage, where he stars as Jim Sterling, a villain who was prepared to go to any length to triumph. He’s the type of actor who would be excellent as a villain in an MCU movie.


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