4 Marvel Actors Who Did A Better Job In DC Films (& 4 DC Actors Who Were Much Better In Marvel)

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It is not just Ben Affleck from daredevil who switched to DC as Batman or Ryan Reynolds as Green lantern who became Marvel’s Deadpool. There are many actors who have jumped ship but did a better job only in one of the superhero mega-franchises.


Better At Marvel – Chris Evans (DC Movie: The Losers)

Captain America

Now how many of you knew that MCU’s Captain America was also in a DC movie? The veteran actor is well-known for his role of Steve Rogers in the MCU. But in 2010, before he was cast as the super soldier, Evans played a major role in 2010’s The Losers, a movie based on DC’s Vertigo comic series of the same name. The movie wasn’t much of a success and Evans’ quirky role did not garner much acclaim. Luckily his career changed after he starred in Captain America.

Better At DC – Michelle Pfeiffer (Marvel Movie: Ant-man And The Wasp)


Before Pfeiffer became Marvel’s Janet Van Dyne, she already showed her prowess in the superhero genre with Batman Returns. many actors have played Catwoman after her but none have managed to top her act. She was suave, stylish, and her feline beauty wooed everyone in theaters. Compared to that iconic role, her portrayal of her MCU counterpart wasn’t as hard-hitting and rather forgettable. It was Pfeiffer’s role that immortalized Catwoman as a sex symbol/femme fatale.


Better At Marvel – Michael Fassbender (DC Movie: Jonah Hex)


We can all agree that Michael Fassbender is one hell of an actor. In fact he might be one of the greatest Hollywood has ever come across. But his movie choices can be really bad. And we mean REALLY bad!! The seasoned actor once starred in a DC movie people and even the studio would rather forget – Jonah Hex. The movie was a massive sinkhole just like his character. Luckily he redeemed his career after portraying a younger Magneto in the X-Men movies.

Better At DC – Hugo Weaving (Marvel Movie: Captain America – The First Avenger)


Hugo Weaving did a commendable job as the Red Skull. Given the limited leg-space given to his character, he did the best he could. The Red Skull is at best, above average in terms of being memorable as an MCU character. But Weaving really hit it out of the park when he played the role of V in V For Vendetta. It is tough to play a character while wearing a mask throughout the movie’s runtime. But still, audiences commended Weaving for his acting. That is the true mark of an actor. Audiences understood Weaving’s acting girth despite him wearing a mask. V remains a pop culture icon against governmental oppression to this day.

Better At Marvel – Tilda Swinton (DC Movie: Constantine)

The Ancient One

Tilda Swinton raised a lot of eyebrows when she played a gender and race-swapped version of the Marvel character – The Ancient One. But once the viewers watched Doctor Strange, they realized how wrong they were to question that casting choice. Swinton did a good job playing the ever-powerful but vulnerable Ancient One. Swinton’s portrayal of an androgynous Gabriel in Constantine was good but was not as impactful.


Better At DC – Tom Hardy (Marvel Movie: Venom)


Tom Hardy has had ample opportunities to make his mark on the superhero genre. His first foray into this territory landed him in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. He played Bane in the film, a role that has become synonymous with the actor’s career. As for Marvel movies. Tom Hardy plays Venom in Sony’s Venom franchise. His performance has been pretty polarizing and divisive, with many fans claiming Hardy is not doing the role justice by turning Brock into a funny caricature. For us, he will always be Bane first, Venom second.

Better At Marvel – Josh Brolin (DC Movie: Jonah Hex)


Josh Brolin is now better known as Thanos. That is how good he was while playing the supervillain in the MCU movies. Sure he has played Cable in Deadpool 2 but topping Thanos will be near impossible for him. DC though never helped him set the bar high. Brolin starred as the titular hero in 2010’s Jonah Hex. The wild west themed DC superhero thriller was a disaster of the highest order. Brolin still regrets saying yes to playing a part in the movie.

Better At DC – Natalie Portman (Marvel Movie: Thor)

Evey Hammond

No actor in the MCU was so overqualified to play a role in the movie like Natalie Portman was while playing Jane Foster in the Thor films. The role left a bitter aftertaste in the actor’s mouth and she eventually left the franchise altogether because of differences with Marvel Studios. Portman is a wonderful actor and she got to use her entire range as an actor while playing the female lead in V For Vendetta. That will always be her greatest contribution to the superhero genre.



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